100 word challenge how could something so tiny

How could something so tiny explode a gigantic plane with a tiny bomb secretly hidden in the mysterious plane. The bomb was as hot as a flask. As the they were flying through the majestic calm pure white  baby blue b sky the  nasty hidden bomb had exploded the back of the blue mysterious plane. The red alarm went off … . Tons of people had died in the plane. everybody screamed, they held onto their chairs and panicked. The left engine was smoking with fire. The blue plane had suddenly crashed straight into a high way everybody had sadly died. A car had exploded with the plane…

One thought on “100 word challenge how could something so tiny

  1. A goog idea Taylor. You’ve tried hard to use adjectives here to add detail. This is good, but try not to overdo them. Also, I wonder if using the word ‘plane’ less frequently would add impact. Re-read and purple polish.

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