How could something so tiny cause so much destruction in a matter of seconds? Why do you have to fight if you want peace is it all worth it? how could something so small cause so much death in one area? Why does this happen to innocent people just like us?

this is a story about if the fantasy was real this is a story about if modern day met the past.One day a in peculiar man had just woke up in a different bed in a different house and in a different time and was in a different family.

2 thoughts on “100 WORD CHALLENGE

  1. Leon bro nice work. You have good description
    and good powerful words.
    you could do some more writing because to me it
    doesn`t look like a hundred words

  2. It looks like 100 words to me, but it also looks like the beginning of a long story. I’d be clear what the ‘small’ thing is and just write a paragraph about what it has done.

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