The piano

Enchantingly, a sad and lonely man played a sad tune, which produced long lost memories. His fingers glided across the piano keys. He heard some other keys playing right next to him it was his wife after she went she gave the man a silk touch kiss

Unexpectedly, a new memory invaded his thoughts. He remembered standing behind a ancient wall with his younger brother. While they were in combat the old mans brother shot in the arm as quiet as a quick as a flash he ran over to his brother who had been shot through the heart and lying down in a pool of blood the old man said to his precious brother why is it you not me.

Suddenly, in a flash another memory appeared when he got a present was rapped in blue paper with a ribbon on top it was his pride possession when he started playing with his brand new toy.He was going through his home town .The boy started to muck about . When he got older and he started not to play with toys. When he got married the man got a grandson so he gave him his precious toy horse and the grandson played with it forever then he joined in with the piano with his granddad then they both stared at each other



The Piano

Enchantingly,a depressed and lonely man played on an ancient piano.His fingers glided across the piano’s dusty black and white keys,playing a tune which produced along lost memories from his sad past.The old man felt another key being lightly tapped beside him,in the corner of his eye he saw his wife, she gave the old man a gentle kiss and slowly faded away.

Suddenly the man felt a rush go through him, remembered the dreadful war.His brother and him were behind an ancient and crumbly wall. The old man nodded, then his brother looked for enemy soldiers. Gunshots were fired, blood spewed, a quick explosion…STOP… his brother had been  shot several times in the chest before plummeting to the ground. Tears started rolling from his eyes and down his cheek, the grandfather carelessly went to save his brother. But when he got there hiss brother was lying on the helplessly and motionless in a pool of midnight red, it was too late to say “sorry.”

When the man returned to his piano from his memory, another memory forced it’s way through his mind .When he saw what the memory was, it was way too late. He started to become younger and younger, happier and happier until eventually it stopped… he saw himself on a wooden hobby horse that he cherished with all his. When he got older he passed down the hobby horse to his grandson.

The boy zoomed up and down majestically like the wind. The memory slowly faded and became a reality as his grandson came and sat next to his grandfather. The tune came to an end and the boy played the last note of the amazing tune…



Enchantingly, A devastated and lonely man played an ancient piano.His fingers swooped across the keys,playing a relaxing and calming tune which produced faraway memories…

Unbelievably, another memory ran through his filled mind and was suddenly in a war zone, he could imagine his brother getting shot and getting killed…Then it happened.In a dark and gloomy room he was stuck with his brother lying on the floor dead… He was scared of him getting shot next.As the old man reached for his medic bag as he got shot...He was lying DY\S


Loneliness didn’t bother this old man, as he was playing his dusty old grand piano in a dark lonely background where all you could see is the old man. A few moments later a ghostly figure appeared next to the man playing a few notes on the piano. The ghostly figure was sadly his passed away wife wearing a Pink Turtle-neck like jumper. The next thing he knew was his wife gave him a kiss on the cheek to say good luck with the rest of you’re life. And then his wife disappeared.
As his beautiful and lovely wife disappeared he had a memory but not any old memory. His medic helmet appeared and then he was running to a crumbly old. The next thing he remembered was he was standing at the wall with his kind and lovely brother. He nodded to say shoot but then… BANG his brother was shot dead. He flew back onto the ground, blood was spilling out. The old man held his brothers dead body in his arms whilst staring up at God to look at his brother in Heaven.
Another memory rushed through his head. The old man got younger, younger and younger until he was a little boy. He was sitting on the damp, wooden floor with a gift, he opened the gift and inside was a… horse a little toy horse he was bloodshot with excitement. Every single night he would ride it, ride it and ride it again.60 years later his grandson appeared riding it for about and hour until he gently put the toy horse on the floor to sit at the grand piano and play a song with his granddad. He felt like he was a happy picture where you couldn’t stop smiling.


Enchantingly,a depressed and lonely old man played on a ancient piano in a dark and gloomy room. His fingers glided across the  keys producing a magical sound that forced memories into his mind. He felt another hand trying to play as well , he slowly looked to see a kind and gently face when he realised it was his wife who had passed away a few weeks back, she lent over and kissed his cheek with her silky lips then with a blink of an eye she had vanished.

suddenly, another memory had forced it’s way into his mind it was him when he was in the devastating war in which he lost his brother ,he was a medic and they were behind a  old ruined wall his brother was ready to shoot he said “shall I go “the old man replied”no wait it’s not safe”! His brother crouched down BANG!!!!!! he had been shot… the old man ran over to his brother who was surrounded in a pole of midnight red his brother was coughing and finding it hard to breathe. “hold on brother I will go get help” but it was to late he was dead .The old man asked his dead brother “why you?????”

Happily, another memory was trying to be realised but before he could stop it he realised it was a happy one all the  sad ones had stopped this memory was him as a little boy when he received a present that was  rapped up in a blue rapping paper with a red ribbon rapped on it he opened the box and it was a horse toy he pulled it out the box and went round the old piano his memory suddenly stopped and he saw his grandson ridding it round then his grandson saw him playing and joined him to play the last key how fortunate to have such an amazing grandson.

The old mans memories

Enchantingly, a sad and upset , lonely man played the majestic posh and clear piano. The old mans wrinkly fingers glided carefully across the melody piano. All of A a sudden he felt a gentle hand coming beside him. With a surprise from the right it was his only wife.

Softly his gentle dead upsetting wife appeared next to him whilst playing the clear shiny sparkly key`s on the black ancient piano. His kind wife was playing the sparkling key`s to the right of his shoulder and softly gave him a tender kiss. Suddenly his sad memories appeared as he fell himself get carried back through his upsetting memories. He ran as fast as lightning to his beloved brother who was leaning on a crumbly loose wall. In his mind he heard a shot ring  and saw hiss beloved brother fall to the hard cemented hard dirty lumpy ground heart broken, the old man remembered crying out with sadness “why you!”.

All of a sudden he went back out from his sad upsetting memories. The old wrinkly loose man was playing his best and only instrument . Underneath he saw his only beloved grandson he loved. The old upset man gave his grandson a riding horse to his beloved grandson. The beloved grandson was sprinting back and fourth . Suddenly the little boy sat down and pressed the sparkly key.

The piano

Mysteriously,a ancient man sat lonely and played a reminding tune.His wrinkly hands slowly glided across the grand piano. Suddenly,a shadow ape-red and over took the tune as the man sore who it was.As the man caries on playing a haunting song the lady gave him a silky kiss goodbye then the lady disperse and the old man was alone again.

Suddenly,a new memory jumped into his mind bravely,the old man ran to the devolving wall to fight with his brother.”im going out there!”shouted the mans brother “YOU CANT you can get shot!”screamed the old man “just be careful out there!”wined the old man”i will!”moaned the old mans brother”WAIT STOP!”shouted the old man”NO!”screamed the old man.Ball’s of tears running down his cheeks.

as it zoomed out of sadness.the old man had a happy feeling of when he got his hobby horse.he leaped around every were and then the horse had got given to his granddad.”do you like the hobby horse!”wised the old man “yes”whisperer the grandson.As the grandson dropped the hobby horse and jumped up and sat on the stool and played the last tune of the haunting song.They turned there heads and looked at each other for the last second.


Enchantingly, a sad and lonesome man played an old and dusty piano in an empty and dusty hall. As he played, his wrinkly fingers glided across the old and dusty piano. He had flashbacks of memory’s of his past . He felt another note being played. He turned his head ever so slightly and to his amazement he saw a ghostly figure of his wife. Then romantically kissed the man on his cheek. She walked up to him and romantically kissed him on the cheek then Suddenly, his wife disappeared and the man kept on playing the old and dusty piano.

Suddenly, He went back to when he was in the war . He remembered  him being a medic. Lonely and dark he started to have flash backs of his friends and family getting shot in the war. Suddenly, another memory forced its way into his mind they were of his brother.He remembered his brother getting shot in the war. Heart broken eyes filled with water he left his brother to rot in the boiling sun.

Mysteriously, Another memory rushed through his mind. He got younger and younger.He remembered getting passed a present covered in blue wrapping paper with a bright silky ribbon. He remembered jumping for joy as he slowly opened his present , as soon as he  got his hobby- horse he ran up and down peacefully along the wooden floor. He felt sad giving his toy away but once he realized how carefully his hobby-horse was being cared for he smiled. His grandson swiftly glided along the wooden floor. His grandson stopped. He ran over to his grandad and played the last note of the piece.


Enchantingly, a devastated, lonely old man played his ancient piano. His wrinkly fingers glided across the dusty piano. It brought back cold and dark memories from his lonely past.Suddenly he had a flash back , his wife appeared next to him ,they played for a while and then she moved her smooth silky face to his and gently kissed him on the cheek to say goodbye, and in the blink of an eye she was gone. In a world of darkness he sat playing his giant piano on his own once again, millions of memories went through his mind.

Deliberately, another memory ran through the old mans mind. In a flash like lightning he was running into the battle field with his brother the he was a medic in WWII .They hid behind a old and crumbling wall that would come down in one shot of a gun. GUNSHOTS, BLOOD, EXPLOSIONS, STOP… with a tears rolling from his eye’s to his cheeks, the old man bravely went to save his brother. By this point his brother was lying helplessly and motionless in a pool of midnight red. A stream of guilt ran through him… his brother was now dead. Why him?

When the old man returned to his piano, he yet again found a memory begging to be realized what it was, there was no turning back. He became younger and happier. He remembered himself receiving a present it was in a  white box with blue ribbon. Inside was a toy horse playing he was really happy and then…it was gone. He got older and given his grandson the riding horse.

The boy whizzed around  majestically like a rocket. the memory faded slowly and became reality, as the young boy came and sat next to his grandfather. The tune came to a slow,peaceful end and the small boy and his grandfather played the last note the end of the tune of the tune…

the piano

Enchantingly,a sad and lonely man played an ancient piano. His fingers glided across the keys playing a tune which produced long lost memories. Suddenly an old ghostly woman sat next to him and played the piano with him then lightly kisses his
on the cheek.Then she disappeared  into fin thin air. He wanted to say goodbye…but it was to late.

Suddenly a memory appeared in the old mans head. Him and his brother in the war(the old man felt himself in a field behind a brick wall) his brother jumps out to shoot but he got shot instead. hHe falls into the old mans arms with blood all around them. The old man look,s up and thinks to himself “why doss this have to me!”. Then the memory zapped out of his head.

Next another memory comes to his head him getting his favorite toy a horse(when the old man got the present he jumped in joy. The gift was rapped in dark wrapping paper)then he was riding it around the piano. He gives it to his grandson who was riding it around the  piano. His grandson puts down the horse and joins his granddad then they look at each other smiling. The old man becomes happy again.

The Piano….

Suddenly it was dark there was nothing but a sad and lonely man and a enchanted ancient piano he started to slowly but gently press the keys on the piano. He then imagined his wife slowly press a note on the piano and then she gave him a soft kiss on his warm and fragile cheek but then a evil memory managed to push its way in front of the mans poor little eyes.

in a few solid seconds of travelling through the old mans mind he was running into a open battle field with his brother world war 2 how could he forget. He took cover behind a old broken wall with his brother the old man looked down and heard the most death defying scream he had ever heard he looked up only to see his brother lying cowardlesly   in a pool of his own blood a tear dropped out of the old mans eye and into his brothers midnight red blood the old man looked unto the sky as if to say “why him and not me ?!”.Then another memory forced its way into the old mans mind from the deepest of his mind when he was a little toddler on his birthday


he then quickly turned into a toddler and he was getting a present the present was impossible not to open it was extraordinarily beautiful it had a diamond themed wrapper and when he opened it he was full of delight it was a toy horse but he then went back to the present where he saw his grandson was playing with but the old man was still full of delight because he saw the way it was being treated then the grandson spotted the old man on the piano so he put down the toy horse the grandson jumped up with the old man and joined in the boy finished the last key and they both smiled at each other.

The piano

Enchantingly a sad and lonely old man was playing the piano his rincly old fingers danced across the keys creating a glores tune that brought back locked up memory’s from the back of his head suddenly a ghostly figer apered next to him as focet he new that it was his wife his wife that was dead she started to play  the piano she gently lent over and gave him a good by kiss she went a nover memory popped in to his mind.

in a dark empty room he apered jumping in to action he ran to a crumbly wall and crouched behind it his brother apered next to him BANG!! CRASH!! stop they were in wold war 2 as his brother step out in to the dark abis BOOM!! he had been shot as the old man rushed to his dying brother as he lent over his brother and shouted WHY NOT ME!! as he faded away he was back playing the piano.

as he was playing the piano a nover memory popped into his head he was a little boy kneeling on the hard plaster board floor he was resaving a presenting from his dad as he ripped of the paper he saw that it was a toy horse he jumpt up and started to play he was running around and jumping up and down the little boy tend in to the old mans grand son the old man looked sad because the little boy had his horse but then he relisted that he whode treat it well then the grand son leapt up on to the seat and press the last key andthey look in to each overs eyes.


Whilst thoughts rushed swiftly through his mind, the old man was lightly pressing the old enchanted piano. The lonely man just keeps remembering all the things he done back in the past, he was trying to let out a smile but it just wasn’t showing. Suddenly there was a surprise around the corner, his wife was there. He couldn’t believe his eyes His eyes. His wife started playing the piano, she was faintly disappearing into thin air.

Suddenly he was thinking of the past, the first thing he thought of was the war. He quickly took cover behind a unsteady brick wall. His brother was sadly got killed by a shot of a sniper. The man felt really bad about all the people who died in the war. since that day his brain hasn’t been thinking clearly. He slowly dropped down to his knees and tried to put pressure  on him, his eyes swiftly closed.

The old man gives his grandson a present, he starting bending down to give it to the little boy. The boy busts to have a look for a moment and appreciate his present was a wooden horse so he takes it out of the box and started going around the grand  piano. The mans grandson places the horse on the floor he plays the last key and they look at each other and smiled.


Enchantingly,a sad and lonely man called Kelan played an ancient piano.His wrinkly fingers,glided across the dusty keys ,playing a long sad tune which produced long lost memories.As kelan slightly turned to his right he saw a ghost figure of his long lost wife as she lended her hand on his.As a memory had forced its way in.As a medic helmet appeared on his head.

Bravely, kelan ran to the dark and rusted wall to take cover behind it so the russian army cant snipe them.Lee (his friend) looked over the wall BANG! it was too late, kelan tried to save him pushing his hands on his chest but Lee had now gone!:( Kelan layed there crying wondering what his future would be like without lee.

When Kelan returned to his broad piano, as quick as a flash more and more memories zoomed through his head but….. one specific one was spotted.He became younger and younger and happier and happier.At last, the memory stopped he visualed him on a horse mucking around he gave it to his grandson like his father gave it to him, he zoomed like lightning round the piano.Eventually he got off it and sat down to play the last note of the astonishing tune.

THE      END :):)


Whilst thought rushed swiftly through his mind the old and lonely man taped the ancient piano with his bony fingers. The relaxing music reminded him of the past memories. Unfortunately the music only reminded him of the depressing and upsetting memories.

Frightened,scared and lonely he stood behind an old wall in fear suddenly right in front of his dark brown eyes his brother slowly past away.crying with sadness he looked up into the dark blue sky and gently put his brother on the hard solid ground.

Suddenly a memory flashed in to his mind like lightning.As soon as the old man found out what the memory was he smiled.It was him as a boy suddenly another boy appeared in his mind it was his grand-son and him. and In his memory he was passing down his  old wooden horse to his grand-son.Suddenly his memory became real and they sat down in front of the piano to play the last note of the music.






Deliberately the old mans face was drawling like a bulldog . His bony fingers glided on the piano as he remembered his wife . He felt a push on his bony hand as he moved it he saw a ghostly figure approached  it was his wife she played with him he smiled  she kissed his bony cheeks she disapeard the put his smile to rest .

He came into a war it was world war 2 he was running he came to a wall. “No he shouted I hear something he cried .!” “Its just your imagination .”! His brother ran BANG! in a flash his brother was on the floor. NO he cried blood on his brothers face on the wall and died on the floor his brother died in his hands NO he screamed and fell to his knees and he was left to rot.

He got a toy horse he was so exited that he played all day on the colorful horse all day as he galloped to the piano the room turned dark. He remembered he gave it to his grandson his grandson came to the piano he sat and played the last note of the fantastic tune they stared at each over and smiled 


My story the piano!!

Deliberately not stopping, a sad and lonely man played on a ancient piano. His fingers gracefully gliding across the black and white keys, playing a beautiful melody reminding him of his sad and long lost memories. All of a sudden he saw a figure next to him.,. It was her his sadly passed ghostly wife coming closer and closer to him as she gave him a smooth gentle kiss on the cheek in the blink of an eye she had gone back to the havens…

There was another memory trying to escape he was in the war the gloomy hard working war were over millions of people die day after day. He was as a medic and his brother  as a shooter… all of a sudden BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! The next thing he new his brother was on the floor; crying, his chest bleeding like mad, coiffing his guts up and crying I’ m the aids mans arms. he was dead.

when the old man returned to his piano he yet again knottiest another old memory trying to  burst out. Finally he notest him self as a young boy ridding on his favourite child hood toy his horse his horse that was his favourite he youst to ride around the corridors but then he couldn’t anymore because over the years he got older and older so he had give his toy to his grand son who loves horses just like him proudly.     🙂

The boy raced around like a rocket on the horse thanks to his grand dad. he sat on the leather memory foam chair and gently pressed the last note on the ancient piano of the beautiful melody…




the piano

Enchantingly a lonely old man was playing a old and rusty piano in a dark room as his wrinkle finger taped taped the dusty keys he saw and heard a gostly figuar appear next to him and started playing the butiefull song with him. as they turnd heads she gave him a geantal kiss on his check as she driffed away into the darkness.

As quick as a flash a new memory floaded into his head he was reamembering his time in the war he ran in to battle and crouched behind a crumbeling wall next to his brother
“stop don’t go out there “he screamed “don’t worry ill be fine” BANG HE WAS shot HE SHOUTED “help help”  as the old man bravly ran to his add but he was to late he was dead

As he came hurtaling out of this memory and in to then next he was a boy and was reaseving his favourat wooden toy as he stated galeping round the dark room it light up with is unamaganable happynes  he majesticly ran to the old rusty piano and front flipt in his grandson as they sat down next to each other they started to play to the piano to geather and as the lovely song came to an end  the boy played the last note and they loocked at each other and it felt like an etearnity


The piano

A lonely dip pressed man sat in a dull empty room empty softly plating the grand piano letting his wild memories run free. Suddenly the man had company two old wrinkly hands decided to play the tune with him. It was his wife. Then the man started to feel more accompanied and joyful. The old lady kissed him on the cheek and and in a one second blink she was gone. She said goodbye and went then he started to feel more lonely again.

Suddenly he had a memory rush through him again it was him and his friendly brother at dangerous work .He shouted him “no don’t turn” but he did.He turned and all you could hear was bullets it was like thunder  its over now.He got shot hot right in the head and he was down to the hard bumpy ground . him why not me my best friend had now gone.

mysteriously they was another memory that quickly flashed into his mind he was struggling to remember. But he could just figure out that it was his grandson he started to feel more happy very happy this was a nice memory a very nice memory. He rimminded himself of  giving his grandson a wonderful gift it was a toy horse.They carmley played the nice piano it never felt so magical they enjoyed the last note of the piano they smile at each other . But his grandson vanished away.

Lewis Jacombs memorys piano story

As an old mans thoughts swiftly flew through his mind, the wrinkly old and lonely man in a dark and gloomy room, devastating and silent room playing a sad tune and imagining his wife who had passed away a few weeks ago and played along the devastating tune and she then dissapeared in an blink of an eye the man was now again lonely.

Cautiously, the man ran over to the slowly falling wall in Germany where his brother was working as an asassin up in there lines trying to fight on the front lines of the German race, the wrinkly old man shouted  to his brother there may be more reinforcements stay behind the wall its safe, here he was right there were more reinforcements, he got shot twice before falling to his knees in hate of Germany. Lovingly his brother gently held him in his arms unfortunately his brother was dead and he couldn’t say sorry.

Calmy, he remembered his favourite toy a horsey, he’d ride his toy everywhere he went  and gave it to his grandson Jimmy, he was once again sad but when he noticed that much good care had gone into the toy horsey he was as happy as ever and his grandson came and finished of the tune that took him on a journey down memory lane.

The piano


enchantingly, a devastated  lonely man played on his ancient ,dusty piano .His fingers ran wildly free


along the keys,which produced long ,lost memories running though his  mind head. Carefully moving his hands ,he continued to play in his own loneliness .longing to stop a memory uncovered ,his fingers stuck to the piano keys ,he soon saw a ghostly figure appear .It was his long lost wife. He smiles and let her play. She romantically  moved her head and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek goodbye…..

Deliberately , another memory ran though the old man`s mind. In a flash of lightning he was running into the battlefield with his younger  brother. They hid behind an old and crumbling wall. GUNSHOTS,BLOOD ,EXPLSIONS…STOP… with tears running down his cheek ,the grandfather  man bravely went to save his brother. By this point ,his brother was lying there helplessly and motionless in a pool of red. A stream of guilt rippled though him. His brother was dead. Why him WHY HIM?

When the old man returned to his  piano. He yet again, found a memory bursting to come out . When he saw what the memory was ,he became younger and happier  . At last it finally stopped … He remembered him self being on a horse playing and then …It had gone. . He got older and had given his 8 year old grandson the riding horse.

The boy shot around majestically like a rocket . The memory slowly faded and became real, as the grandson came and sat next to his grandfather. The tune came to a slow ,peaceful end and the small grandson  played the last note of the beautiful tune ….

ⓓⓐⓥⓘⓓ’ⓢ §tø®¥

Enchantingly the old man played the piano, he tried to force a smile but couldn’t he kept remembering sad somber and depressing memories.

Sorrow ran through him he saw only a piano in a world of darkness. he felt another hand playing aside him, it was his wife, she gently gave him a smooth silky kiss goodbye and slowly vanished. Quickly another memory forced its way into the old mans mind rapidly he was running into a merciless battlefield with his brother, with sorrow on his face he found his brother lying down in a pool of midnight red, eyes pale, dead still, left to rot in the darkness….

afterwards another memory crept into his mind a small happy memory he was a small boy getting his own hobby horse for Christmas he unwrapped his present and saw the toy of his dreams. later he gave his hobby horse to his grandson which unlocked many sad memories but when the man saw his grandson playing with it he couldn’t help but smile. The boy decided to play the piano with his granddad to play one final song.


Thoroughly,The old man was twitching over a flash of memories. Until it came to the worst, him and his brother was at war. All he could remember was “quickly! chek to see if any enermys are there!”The old man shouted.He terned round the corner and…(pew pew pew)in a flash he was face flat on the floor bleeding out!

As that memory faded away,he kept thinking about him on his toy horse to cheer him up a bit.But as he got older he had grown out of it. so he got quite sad.But his grandson came round. so he given it too him as a present.”ohh granddad I love it!!!”.screeched the grandson.

As the boy majestically played around on the horse the old man had cheered up a bit.As the song started to come to a end he had got off his horse and sat down on the piano stall . he played the last note of the tune in memory of his granddad.