Park mysteries

Slides, abandoned slides. I glance across the deserted park and wonder what I can scavenge. Foul smelly water gushes down the broken pipes and I am soaked as the rain drums against the rock hard concrete. Suddenly I spot a strange figure packing mysterious items into an overfilled black bag. He is tall and unshaven. There is a black python snake tattoo on his right arm. I move in closer to get a better view, I can feel the sweat pouring off me as I realise that I am putting myself at risk. Since the war scavenging was banned by the government.I move away from the playground towards a building and slip inside.

Shaw crouched in the power room. He counted up the money he had stolen from the bank. He needed to count it before the rebels came. He finished at 2.4 billion pounds and knew if the rebels came he would have to give them 4 million. His mind went crazy. He wasn’t sure how he was going to contact his friends without getting caught. A strange feeling came over him. He became aware someone was watching him…

I run out of the building across the park and back to the compound we call home. I need to report the robbery, but how can I? If I do the thief will go to jail but so will I! I am still wondering what to do when the siren sounds announcing the evening meal. Sitting at the long wooden table I notice a newcomer. He sits opposite. To my horror notice he something I have seen before. A black snake tattoo. As I move in close,“We’ve both met somewhere that we shouldn’t have been,” he whispers……..