get away


Midnight. Julianna, still grounded after 2 months, couldn’t deal with it any more. So she planned an escape route.

She tip toed across her fluffy carpet over to her chest of draws. Julianna giggled under her breath in mischief. Grabbing a black shirt, jeans and trainers she ninja rolled across her very messy unmade bed over to her finger marked window. As her  eyes glared out her grimy widow, her crystal white teeth shimmered at the glitter filled sky and a triumphant smile stretched across her face. Julianna, who was glaring out to the world, was excited for the journey ahead…


Julianna slowly gripped on and her fingers shoved open the window. She clambered over her radiator onto her mossy roof then leapt down from the rotten rain protector onto the floor. BANG! A strike of lightning fell. The clouds started to growl and angry golf balls of hail raced to the floor like smashing rocks to the black ground. Suddenly a shadow appeared out of the corner of her left eye. Then a terrifying thought drilled through Julianna’s mind. Was it a GHOST!??


Slowly fingers started to appear and a head started to show. The narrow street was lifeless. A figure peaked round a tight corner seeing if anyone was there. Empty, except a few stakes of hay. With a back pack on his back he was ready to strike the world’s most expensive jewellery shop. He smirked and his eyes turned into thin lines. He crawled over to the shop, got a hammer out if his back pack and smashed the huge window and, like a spy, he sneaked into the jewellery arcade. His eyes watered in amazement. His mouth dried out. He dived into the shop and grabbed.  “Ha! Ha! Ha!”  


Julianna couldn’t believe her eyes.

“O my Gosh” she exclaimed. Her eyes started to water in pain of being so frightened. Julianna didn’t know what to do. If she told she would be risking getting sent to her room for, instead of 2 hours, 2 decades! If she didn’t, she would be letting the criminal run loose for all eternity! Suddenly she noticed something. The robber looked extremely like her dad. Julianna was confused. In fact she was very confused. She didn’t want to tell in case it WAS him.

“STOP!” she screamed but the man raced away. Her lips turned bone dry. She couldn’t bare it any more so she sprinted back home, climbed back up to her roof and through her window into bed. What was she going to do?