About Aimee

HI i am Aimee and i love CUTE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bear and the hare

Gently, Strolling through the frosty was a Bear and a Hare. It was coming to the start of winter as the first snowflake swiftly drifted to the ground, in fact winter had begun. Bear looked up and opened his enormous mouth and yawned. Suddenly, Hares ears dropped and his heart began to sadden, Bear was going into hibernation . Hare looked around at the Christmas tree and realised how much fun Bear was missing out on every single year. He longed to have just one year to share the joys of Christmas with his very special friend .

Bear, who was full of sadness, frowned as he walked over frozen ponds, through swaying trees and back to his beloved cave. as the weeks went by bear was in a deep a sleep unconscious to the world around, unknown to the Bear, Hare  snuck up to the gateway of bears dark and spacious cave and delivered a small red box with a neatly tied green ribbon.

Early next morning hare looked around and although Hare was surrounded by all sorts of different animals hare felt lonely, as lonely as the last leaf on a tree in autumn. As all he wanted was his best friend. As Hare wondered if Bear would  ever wake up, Bear was on his way. suddenly, Bear stood up on his huge back and looked over the snowy hill. Hare smiled with relief. Bear had got hares very special gift. A gift of time.



Enchantingly, a sad and lonesome man played an old and dusty piano in an empty and dusty hall. As he played, his wrinkly fingers glided across the old and dusty piano. He had flashbacks of memory’s of his past . He felt another note being played. He turned his head ever so slightly and to his amazement he saw a ghostly figure of his wife. Then romantically kissed the man on his cheek. She walked up to him and romantically kissed him on the cheek then Suddenly, his wife disappeared and the man kept on playing the old and dusty piano.

Suddenly, He went back to when he was in the war . He remembered  him being a medic. Lonely and dark he started to have flash backs of his friends and family getting shot in the war. Suddenly, another memory forced its way into his mind they were of his brother.He remembered his brother getting shot in the war. Heart broken eyes filled with water he left his brother to rot in the boiling sun.

Mysteriously, Another memory rushed through his mind. He got younger and younger.He remembered getting passed a present covered in blue wrapping paper with a bright silky ribbon. He remembered jumping for joy as he slowly opened his present , as soon as he  got his hobby- horse he ran up and down peacefully along the wooden floor. He felt sad giving his toy away but once he realized how carefully his hobby-horse was being cared for he smiled. His grandson swiftly glided along the wooden floor. His grandson stopped. He ran over to his grandad and played the last note of the piece.