THE bare and the hare

As the leaves fell,autumn breeze whistled through the forest. Below the tall and golden trees, a blanket of colorful leaves covered the forest floor. Happily two friends strolled through the forest, the brown bear with his best friend Hare on his back. They enjoyed their walks together but they both feared that their time was nearly up, at least for this xyear

A small unique snowflake floated down and landed on the bears wet nose. He yawned slowly with exhaustion. the Hare ears drooped to the ground and her eyes widened with tears. She just knew it was time to hibernate.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful snowy Christmas tree. They saw their excited friends adding the first decorations to the tree. The bear felt sad because he couldn’t take part. Just the same as every other year.

Tears slowly rolled down hares face as her best friend walked away. Under the silvery moonlight, bear curled up in his cold and damp cave. He slept for weeks. .The weather changed into golden autumn into white winter.

Running like the wind, Hare crossed the moonlit river. She felt excited because she had a small present in her mouth. When she entered the cave she placed the present down in front of the door way.

On Christmas morning hare woke up of the sound of laughter . Pushing her tears away. As she looked around , she watched the animals opened and enjoyed their presents but she did not feel the Christmas joy.

Scanning the horizon, bear stood  up and saw the sun glazing into the tree. The hare was so excited that her best friend had  appeared . travelled down the slippery snow to begin his first Christmas. Everyone gathered around him and hare galloped on his back.

Meanwhile beyond the towering mountain, a bell rang from the bears cave with rapping paper underneath. The mystery of the bear woke up on Christmas day


100 word challenge EXTREME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David was on a adventure to kill this massive ogar called the Exterminator he ruled all of the land. He was the strongest of them all. These were the weapons what David had. He had a sword,crossbow and a shield to protect him. The ogar lived in a cave deep in the forest. David went by foot when he found the cave it was so dark you couldn’t see the ogar then  David heard a noise he saw exterminator the blue skin.   They had a big fight David stabbed the ogar in the heart then he died



Suddenly out of nowhere the door crept open i slowly walked towards the door i squeezed through the gap. There it was my doll was standing on the table . But out of nowhere i stubbed my toe on a weird doll when i put it on his wheels the doll quickly cycled to the door but when it got there the door slammed on him . When i glanced at the table creepily the doll was gone i looked everywhere even under the table. I looked at the shelf there it was looking in the distance of the shop i went on the stool I bit my glove of to reach it

I stretched my fingers with all my strength i felt my dolls nose . My fingers slowly skimmed the dolls nose. Majestically the world started to change.I started to have loads of flashbacks i was blinded . Started  to blink my vision started to come back i saw everything. Dolls where behind me they teleported  inside  the body’s i tried moving but it was no use. I saw another doll come up shouted no but now one could hear me



The piano

Enchantingly, a sad and lonely man played a sad tune, which produced long lost memories. His fingers glided across the piano keys. He heard some other keys playing right next to him it was his wife after she went she gave the man a silk touch kiss

Unexpectedly, a new memory invaded his thoughts. He remembered standing behind a ancient wall with his younger brother. While they were in combat the old mans brother shot in the arm as quiet as a quick as a flash he ran over to his brother who had been shot through the heart and lying down in a pool of blood the old man said to his precious brother why is it you not me.

Suddenly, in a flash another memory appeared when he got a present was rapped in blue paper with a ribbon on top it was his pride possession when he started playing with his brand new toy.He was going through his home town .The boy started to muck about . When he got older and he started not to play with toys. When he got married the man got a grandson so he gave him his precious toy horse and the grandson played with it forever then he joined in with the piano with his granddad then they both stared at each other