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Greetings. You have found me. In the darkest corners on the internet. You have done this. You are responsible. You think you are the god of this world. SINCE WHEN WHERE YOU IN CONTROL?

The Bear and the Hare

The snowflake hit the bear. Yawning with exhaustion, the bear let out a mighty yawn. the hare frowned, he knew that bear would have to hibernate, her ears flopped down in sadness and tears filled her eyes.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the amazing Christmas tree, they saw their friends adding the first decorations to the tree. The birds did the top the tall animals did the middle and the rest did the bottom. It was magical. The bear felt bad that he was leaving to hibernate.

As the frosty wind blew tears rolled down the hares face she knew that bear wouldn’t come back in till summer. She couldn’t control her sadness in this harsh winter.

Under the dark blue night sky. In dark, round and old cave the bear, scrunched up in a ball to hibernate, day after day, night after night the weather got more and more harsh, the storms shouted but the bear didn’t move. He was dead still.

Running like the wind. Hare crossed the moonlit river. She felt exited to finally see bear again (even if bear wasn’t awake to see her) she wanted to give bear a massive hug and give him his present.

Lonely the hare watched all the other animals open their presents, she was sad and bored. Just as she was going to turn back.The sun rose and bear came out of nowhere standing on his hind legs. He couldn’t believe his eyes, it was beautiful and he hadn’t seen anything like it. All the animals jumped for joy as the hare and the bear reunited.

Coming from bears cave, a mysterious ticking noise. All the animals wonder whats in there, the ticking will only stop when its Christmas.


As the Snowball hit the door I could feel a chill down my spine as the door behind me opened “I shouldn’t be in here”I saw the doll looking at me when I accidentally knocked over a doll on a bike, it rid around me and banged into the door. Meanwhile the doll had mysteriously disappeared and reappeared on the shelf. I slowly crept towards the doll taking my gloves off I reached out for the doll i felt my soul getting ripped from my body BANG for a moment just silence, then my vision slowly came back, all lines, colors and blurs are gone and I can see again but that’s not a good thing since I realize “I’M THE DOLL!!!” slowly another doll rose from the table “NOOOOO!!!” that’s the next victim.

goku rants about the internet

How could something so tiny start something so big, one comment on a blog could start a massive argument links could be posted to different websites for bigger arguments or fights. Total chaos would begin from one comment on one video on one website on The Internet. That’s why the internet is dangerous and you shouldn’t enable comments for videos the invention was great but not really since it starts flame wars and that is really not good so comments on videos are dumb and they shouldn’t of been invented and then this wouldn’t of happened 😀 😀 😀 😀

What I did on monday – our World War 2 day

My first lesson we learnt evacuation with Mrs Gadsby I learnt about kids leaving their family and going to the countryside or even leaving the country completely. It was by-far my favorite lesson of the day. After that we did baking. I did my best and made a nice yummy cookie but i didn’t get to eat it!

After that we learnt about soldiers which was a lot of fun. We got to write a poem and I think mine was amazing and so did Mr Wilson! Basically I had a lot of fun on Monday and I hope we can have a day like it again!

ⓓⓐⓥⓘⓓ’ⓢ §tø®¥

Enchantingly the old man played the piano, he tried to force a smile but couldn’t he kept remembering sad somber and depressing memories.

Sorrow ran through him he saw only a piano in a world of darkness. he felt another hand playing aside him, it was his wife, she gently gave him a smooth silky kiss goodbye and slowly vanished. Quickly another memory forced its way into the old mans mind rapidly he was running into a merciless battlefield with his brother, with sorrow on his face he found his brother lying down in a pool of midnight red, eyes pale, dead still, left to rot in the darkness….

afterwards another memory crept into his mind a small happy memory he was a small boy getting his own hobby horse for Christmas he unwrapped his present and saw the toy of his dreams. later he gave his hobby horse to his grandson which unlocked many sad memories but when the man saw his grandson playing with it he couldn’t help but smile. The boy decided to play the piano with his granddad to play one final song.