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The Bear and the Hare

As the Autumn was coming to an end the last leaves fell to the cold ground. As two friends , walked through the crunching Autumn leaves. The Bear was walking through the forest with his best friend the Hare on his back. But they both knew that it was nearly time for the bear’s hibernation.

Just then the first snow flake fell from the sky and on to the bear’s wet nose. He yawned with tiredness. The Hare knew that she had to say good bye to her best friend. Slowly the Hare’s eye’s filled up with water and her ear’s flopped down.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful Christmas tree , they saw their friends adding the first Christmas decorations to it. Suddenly the bears head dropped down with sadness.

Slowly tears rolled down the Hare’s face as her best friend walked away from the marvelous  tree and across the unstable log.

Then the bear slept day after day night after night through the cold , windy winter.

Running like the wind hare crossed the moon light river. The hare was so exited to see her best friend. She was carrying a small present and left it at the front of the cave.

Hearing the sound of laughter hare lay in front of the Christmas tree pushing her tears away.As she looked around she saw her friends opening and enjoying their presents scanning the horizon searching for any sign of her best friend. shining,the sun rose over the hills and out of know were Bear appeared.

Quickly the animals gathered around the bear to greet him. Hare galloped over and hopped on to the bears back they all felt like they were going to explode with joy.

From fare away the animals could hear a mysterious noise coming from over the hills and mountain lay a newly unwrapped alarm clock.the mistory of the bears first Christmas. All thanks to hare   






One cold and windy day there was a girl walking down the road she was eight years old and she lived in a little village called The flowers she thought to her self why is this  village called that when there isn’t aren’t any flowers. So on her way home she asked several people why her village is called The flowers but no one knew it started to become a mystery. she wondered and wondered until she remembered she could go and ask the oldest man in the village. Every one said he knows every thing so she ran and ran all the way to his house and by the time she got there she had ran out of breathe and had to stop for a second. slowly  Then the oldest man in the world came to the door and welcomed her in. Quietly  the oldest man said that there was flower years ago they just don’t grow in the village any more because no one had planted seeds in the ground and that’s all she wanted to know.      


Whilst thought rushed swiftly through his mind the old and lonely man taped the ancient piano with his bony fingers. The relaxing music reminded him of the past memories. Unfortunately the music only reminded him of the depressing and upsetting memories.

Frightened,scared and lonely he stood behind an old wall in fear suddenly right in front of his dark brown eyes his brother slowly past away.crying with sadness he looked up into the dark blue sky and gently put his brother on the hard solid ground.

Suddenly a memory flashed in to his mind like lightning.As soon as the old man found out what the memory was he smiled.It was him as a boy suddenly another boy appeared in his mind it was his grand-son and him. and In his memory he was passing down his  old wooden horse to his grand-son.Suddenly his memory became real and they sat down in front of the piano to play the last note of the music.