The Bear and the Hare

As two friends walked in the autumn forest floor their feet crunched on the autumn leaves without limitations the autumn sun shone one the crumbling leaves and ancient trees as the wind howled down the old and tired forest. when the bear yawned
“oh no he tried he going into hibernation again” then the bear looked and saw the first majestic snowflake glide down on to his wet nose. then he sloped down the hill and then the hare thought.
“only if he could see the wonders of Christmas” a slow but fast tear trickled down her face as her ears flopped down like a beagle then as they walked past their  friends putting on the first touch’s to the massive tree and then he went back to his home to hibernate.

Hare just sat their crying. Until she ran home and got a present and sprinted down the hill past the moonlit river and then put the perfectly wrapped present. Then she ran back up the  snowy hill. Then waited for hours for bear to come then he woke up to the present ringing. He opened the present it was a alarm clock then he came to the tree and it had this god like glow on it hare looked up and sae w him walking down the moonlit tree it was beautiful the clock was still ringing in the distance

100 Word challenge

How could something so tiny course this much damage to this world? Wwell Ii guess you never miss something until it’s gone.  Iit’s like the whole world has came to a stand still. Because one tiny thing got killed the rest of the world have to pay for something I did I didn’t think at all when I done that I thought killing that little thing why was I so foolish to do that its like I was tricked in to destroying the world how could I kill everyone in the world Iim  going to die i ve killed everyone well that destiny.