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Monday January 14th 1939

World War 2

Dear Diary

My name is Felix and I am 10 and I live in an orphanage. I have been living here for 3 years and 8 months. I am not really an orphan – the only person that knows that is Mother Minka. The reason I am here is because Mum and Dad don’t want the Nazis to know I’m Jewish and kill me.

The orphanage is alright I guess. The walls are still yellow and not all rusty. I love the food; it’s nice. Once I got a whole carrot in my soup. I think this means my mum and dad will come for me.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the future. I want to go and find mum and dad but I’ve got this weird feeling that it’s not safe. I hope mum and dad are OK. That’s it –  I’m going to find them.




As leaves fell,the autumn breeze whistled through the forest.Below the tall and golden trees, a blanket of leaves hovered over the ground. Happily ,two friends ambled together .The brown bear was a nice friend and the hare witch sat on the bears back had floppy ears.

As a small unique snowflake floated down and landed on the bears cold, wet, nose. The bear yawned with exaction. The hare looked up at him with tears falling down her face like a lake as her ears flopped down in sadness. As they know the bears going to hibernate and they will be separated for winter maybe for ever.?

Whilst the two friends were strolling down the hill to the Christmas tree were all the other animals came for Christmas. The bear walked away from the tree with crunchy feet  into a cave were he could hibernate. Day after day night after night the bear hibernated for winter . Under the silvery moonlight the cave was dark, gloomy, damp, wet the bear didn’t move a muscle in his little cave.

Quickly gripping the present she hopped as fast as lightning across the freezing plains. She hopped across the lake and log and left the golden wrapped present. The hare sat on the white gleaming snow. She looked behind her and saw bear she zoomed over to him and hopped on his back and hugged him in amazement .

The present was an alarm clock you could hear it from miles away the hare got bear a woolly shoes and bare got hare a woolly hat.



I saw the door had opened a crack I entered the shop it was filthy.?   I saw my doll and went to get it but I kicked a doll accsurdently it made a brake for the door BANG.?   Touched the doll and I saw a new world flash before me and I was the doll and I saw a new doll at the window “NOOOOOOOOO.!” shimmered Alma  I saw the doll it had red hear and red dress


Deliberately the old mans face was drawling like a bulldog . His bony fingers glided on the piano as he remembered his wife . He felt a push on his bony hand as he moved it he saw a ghostly figure approached  it was his wife she played with him he smiled  she kissed his bony cheeks she disapeard the put his smile to rest .

He came into a war it was world war 2 he was running he came to a wall. “No he shouted I hear something he cried .!” “Its just your imagination .”! His brother ran BANG! in a flash his brother was on the floor. NO he cried blood on his brothers face on the wall and died on the floor his brother died in his hands NO he screamed and fell to his knees and he was left to rot.

He got a toy horse he was so exited that he played all day on the colorful horse all day as he galloped to the piano the room turned dark. He remembered he gave it to his grandson his grandson came to the piano he sat and played the last note of the fantastic tune they stared at each over and smiled