The bear and the hare !

One freezing but sunny day, in the massive woods was a giant, brown bear and a and a small, cute, white hare strolling through the centre of the woods. Summer was coming to an end and it was starting to get really icy and freezing cold as the snow flakes slowly and softy fell to the ground. The hare was really exited because it was nearly Christmas but bear was getting tired and ready to hibernate in his dark, gloomy cave. From out of the woods sat a massive Christmas tree that all the animals had decorated.

Hare took one look at the beautiful Christmas tree that all the animals had decorated and then looked back at bear. BEAR HAD GONE… He had almost disappeared into the gigantic woods. Bear strolled across the fallen tree that went over the clear blue river and into his dark cave. THE WEEKS CHANGED.

It was now Christmas eve, and hare felt sorry for bear, so he slowly hopped to bears cave, he places a present that was wrapped in a red box with green ribbon around it, out side of his cave. Weeks passed and it was finally Christmas day and hare was with all of the animals, but he still felt all alone and sad. 1Hare started  looking around the Christmas tree, all of a sudden hare saw bear strolling towards the Christmas tree ,hares face lit up and bear finally sees what a Christmas tree is. All the animals are celebrating “YEAH YEAH ” Hare was really happy as well as the other animals he had his best- friend back. The thing that brought bear to the Christmas tree was a beautiful alarm clock.

100 word challenge how could something so tiny…

How could something so tiny  be so powerful and aggressive , to destroy a whole city. This is a story about the world war 2 bombing in London. I woke up this morning and my mum told me  to pack my favourite things, and then I got on a train that was also full of kids under the age of 18, I didn’t know where I was going my mum would not tell me what was going on but she sounded really worried. When I finally arrived we were given to people that lived in the country- side so we wouldn’t get hurt in the war…


Today has been a really exiting day,  we have learnt about evacuees, we have made short bread and wrote poems about  people who died in the war.

we’ve learnt that children under the age of 19 got sent away from their parents  to places like Canada or Australia and places that were not involved in the war. And if the people didnt want the children they would kick them out and they would have to live in the streets. even if they had a brother  or a sister they wouldnt always be sent to the same country.  The war started in 1939 and ended in 1945. We also learnt what ingredients are in short bread and how easy it is to make all that is in it is butter, plain flour, and granulated sugar.    Also in the afternoon we learnt about the the soldiers that died in the war. We had to do a poem about ww2

The piano


enchantingly, a devastated  lonely man played on his ancient ,dusty piano .His fingers ran wildly free


along the keys,which produced long ,lost memories running though his  mind head. Carefully moving his hands ,he continued to play in his own loneliness .longing to stop a memory uncovered ,his fingers stuck to the piano keys ,he soon saw a ghostly figure appear .It was his long lost wife. He smiles and let her play. She romantically  moved her head and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek goodbye…..

Deliberately , another memory ran though the old man`s mind. In a flash of lightning he was running into the battlefield with his younger  brother. They hid behind an old and crumbling wall. GUNSHOTS,BLOOD ,EXPLSIONS…STOP… with tears running down his cheek ,the grandfather  man bravely went to save his brother. By this point ,his brother was lying there helplessly and motionless in a pool of red. A stream of guilt rippled though him. His brother was dead. Why him WHY HIM?

When the old man returned to his  piano. He yet again, found a memory bursting to come out . When he saw what the memory was ,he became younger and happier  . At last it finally stopped … He remembered him self being on a horse playing and then …It had gone. . He got older and had given his 8 year old grandson the riding horse.

The boy shot around majestically like a rocket . The memory slowly faded and became real, as the grandson came and sat next to his grandfather. The tune came to a slow ,peaceful end and the small grandson  played the last note of the beautiful tune ….