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Park mysteries

Slides, abandoned slides. I glance across the deserted park and wonder what I can scavenge. Foul smelly water gushes down the broken pipes and I am soaked as the rain drums against the rock hard concrete. Suddenly I spot a strange figure packing mysterious items into an overfilled black bag. He is tall and unshaven. There is a black python snake tattoo on his right arm. I move in closer to get a better view, I can feel the sweat pouring off me as I realise that I am putting myself at risk. Since the war scavenging was banned by the government.I move away from the playground towards a building and slip inside.

Shaw crouched in the power room. He counted up the money he had stolen from the bank. He needed to count it before the rebels came. He finished at 2.4 billion pounds and knew if the rebels came he would have to give them 4 million. His mind went crazy. He wasn’t sure how he was going to contact his friends without getting caught. A strange feeling came over him. He became aware someone was watching him…

I run out of the building across the park and back to the compound we call home. I need to report the robbery, but how can I? If I do the thief will go to jail but so will I! I am still wondering what to do when the siren sounds announcing the evening meal. Sitting at the long wooden table I notice a newcomer. He sits opposite. To my horror notice he something I have seen before. A black snake tattoo. As I move in close,“We’ve both met somewhere that we shouldn’t have been,” he whispers……..




As the rusty leaves  floated like feathers, the autumn breeze whistled through the trees ,a blanket of leaves covered the forest floor.Swiftly,two friends strolled through the dark forest.The dark brown bear ,who had the hare on his back,sloped her off his unique back.

A pure white snowflake drifted like a piece of paper onto the bears wet nose. He yawned slowly with exhaustion. They both knew the bear had to go into hibernation.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful Christmas tree,they saw their friends adding the first decorations

Frozen to the spot, slowly tears drove down the hares face as her best friend walked away.The snow fell flat to the ground like it was super-glued to the floor.

Day after day, night after night the bear still lay sleeping as the weather changed from golden autumn to cold wet winter around him.He lay in a dark gloomy cave.

One night,as darkness fell, the hare sprinted like a jaguar to her friends cave.Running like the wind,the hare crossed the moonlit river.she felt excited with joy. She left the present at the entrance and jumped into the night.

as she lay watching animals opening there presents as she waits for the surprise. while animals played with presents she sits pushing her tears away.

As the sun rose the bear stood looking in amazement having never seen Christmas before so it was a amazing surprise. But the mystery is how did he wake up for Christmas…..

100 word challenge:)

How could a bomb so tiny fit in a coca cola can and  blow up a whole plane.It set plague all over the world and many people became what we call zombies that eat other people and turn them into to zombies if they don’t eat all of them.There is only 100,000 10,000  people left in the world and there’s 6 billion zombies so they are very out numbered and are in groups of 6.The most armed group are the army there are 12 of them with mini guns and sub machine  guns.The world is starting to fall is this the end? no one knows…..

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Suddenly,i noticed the door had opened inches just for me to squeeze in through the gap.it was a dark and gloomy room,dolls were on every shelf staring down at me.i glimpsed my lookalike doll ,i reached out for it ,i was stopped i trod a toy old man on a bicycle on the floor i gently put him back upright.He sped like lightning towards the door on his tiny bicycle.BANG! the door slammed just  as he was about to get out.iT was like he was trapped .when i looked back she wasnt there i saw her on the shelf i reached up and tapped her nose all of a sudden i had the vview of where the doll was my breath was cold my heart was beating i couldnt do anything. another doll appeared with red hair was this the next victim? i wonder if shell follow my steps.



Enchantingly,a sad and lonely man called Kelan played an ancient piano.His wrinkly fingers,glided across the dusty keys ,playing a long sad tune which produced long lost memories.As kelan slightly turned to his right he saw a ghost figure of his long lost wife as she lended her hand on his.As a memory had forced its way in.As a medic helmet appeared on his head.

Bravely, kelan ran to the dark and rusted wall to take cover behind it so the russian army cant snipe them.Lee (his friend) looked over the wall BANG! it was too late, kelan tried to save him pushing his hands on his chest but Lee had now gone!:( Kelan layed there crying wondering what his future would be like without lee.

When Kelan returned to his broad piano, as quick as a flash more and more memories zoomed through his head but….. one specific one was spotted.He became younger and younger and happier and happier.At last, the memory stopped he visualed him on a horse mucking around he gave it to his grandson like his father gave it to him, he zoomed like lightning round the piano.Eventually he got off it and sat down to play the last note of the astonishing tune.

THE      END :):)