Bear and the Hare

Underneath the autumn trees.  bear and the hare stamped across the green grass which was now covered in golden leaves. The hare was just sat on the bears back like he was a throne it was very usual every year.

Then suddenly a pure white snowflake drifted down onto the brown bears nose . The hares ears flapped down since he knew it was hibernation month . The hare frowned at the  brown bear because he had never seen Christmas.

Whilst the two best friends walked out of the massive forest they saw their friends decorating the  majestic tree . The hare sprang up in excitement while the bear watched in gloom . The tree was big beautiful and majestic and the hare closely watched the decorations get put up by a countless number of friends.

The bear stamped away into the frozen snow also walking away from the majestic tree . The bear rushed to hibernate the brown bear looked back at his friend the hare and turned his back on the hare .

The brown bear then went into hibernation inside of his dark, wet and damp cave . days went by . At night , a blue moon which could be seen  shone across the landscape and in  day, gold shining sunshine blew up across the ground .

One frozen night , the hare sprinted like Rudolph the red nose reindeer through the dark night to her friends gloomy cave . She left a lovely  gift just at the entrance of the cave and sprinted back to the majestic cave.


Sat in front of his friends watching them spread their Christmas joy , the hare gloomy , she pulled her tears back into her empty eyes She looked at the tree and stared at the star on top lighting up around  every thing around it she heard the sound of laughter and not feeling joy.

Then all of a sudden , the spotlight shot onto the bear. He looked down at his friend. The bears heart blew up with joy as he stared at the tree. He came down and was welcomed into the Christmas spirit . He looked down at his friends , who were springing with joy.

As all his friends jumped around him , his best friend the hare, jumped onto the bears back .they were once again reunited together .Have a merry Christmas.



How could something so tiny cause so much destruction in a matter of seconds? Why do you have to fight if you want peace is it all worth it? how could something so small cause so much death in one area? Why does this happen to innocent people just like us?

this is a story about if the fantasy was real this is a story about if modern day met the past.One day a in peculiar man had just woke up in a different bed in a different house and in a different time and was in a different family.

The Piano….

Suddenly it was dark there was nothing but a sad and lonely man and a enchanted ancient piano he started to slowly but gently press the keys on the piano. He then imagined his wife slowly press a note on the piano and then she gave him a soft kiss on his warm and fragile cheek but then a evil memory managed to push its way in front of the mans poor little eyes.

in a few solid seconds of travelling through the old mans mind he was running into a open battle field with his brother world war 2 how could he forget. He took cover behind a old broken wall with his brother the old man looked down and heard the most death defying scream he had ever heard he looked up only to see his brother lying cowardlesly   in a pool of his own blood a tear dropped out of the old mans eye and into his brothers midnight red blood the old man looked unto the sky as if to say “why him and not me ?!”.Then another memory forced its way into the old mans mind from the deepest of his mind when he was a little toddler on his birthday


he then quickly turned into a toddler and he was getting a present the present was impossible not to open it was extraordinarily beautiful it had a diamond themed wrapper and when he opened it he was full of delight it was a toy horse but he then went back to the present where he saw his grandson was playing with but the old man was still full of delight because he saw the way it was being treated then the grandson spotted the old man on the piano so he put down the toy horse the grandson jumped up with the old man and joined in the boy finished the last key and they both smiled at each other.