the rabbit and the bear.

Once upon a time an emotional grey rabbit and a dark oak brown bear walked across the compact forest, filled with crackling autumn leaves. As the friends whistled under the tall trees above ,they came across a patch of colder ground. The bear had been walking for hours on end so he had a rest in the forest of leaves.

Then the golden oak brown bear stretched and yawned before the first individual snowflake floated onto the brown bears nose. The bear was tired of egsuastion. The rabbit knew that he`d never seen Christmas before and he wasn’t allowed to do that because Christmas is a celebration and a time of happiness and fun when everyone is getting presents but bear had not had a Christmas celebration.

As they Bothe walked over the hill to where the tree was being decorated at that moment at that by all the other animals such as foxes, robins, deer’s and badgers.

slowly ,tears rolled down the rabbits eyes  as his best friend went over to his damp, gloomy and dark cave for his winter sleep as the temperature went under minus one degrees the rabbit felt sad because his best friend had gone for hi winter sleep and he didn’t like this because they always have and take walks to talk to each other and git some exercise.

Then came the night of Christmas eve and the rabbit hoped over to the brown bears cave and placed a present by the door and left. In the morning hoping he would come and share Christmas with the other animals the rabbit watched the animals open there presents and gifts together, BUT SUDDENLY! everyone looked at the hill IT WAS BEAR he made it he woke up from his winter sleep and everyone gasped and all ran over to him and rabbit jumped onto his back and smiled as the bear had seen Christmas for the first time in his life and was amazed on how he`d missed all the fun and excitement all the years ago.

As the winter snow fell to the ground the gift that was given was a silver clock wich struck twelve.

the end

1ooword challenge… how could someone so tiny…

How could some so tiny do someone so great and this is a story about the boy who risked his life for his country.There was once a boy called Jamie who was very clever and selfless but that lead to his death which made the whole world cry and thought to themselves why cant all of us be like him?Jamie was a boy who got bullied at winton  winton primary school he loved the world. when he did something out of our belief that he stopped terrorist attack and tackled the leader before he could shoot everyone so the leader blew himself up and killed Jamie.

world war two topic day lewis and stephen

Firstly, we came into school thinking it was a normal day until we saw the teachers dressed as world war two people. As soon as we saw them we thought is this something to do withe our rock and roll show / musical on the 19th of November 2015 but it wasn’t, it was our new topic about world war two.

Secondly, we went to 6lm to make shortbread biscuits we could eat in the afternoon and we learnt that it only took four ingredients to make them margarine, sugar, milk and flour and created them into what ever shape you desired to make.

Last of all in 6jw  we created poems and other things to do with Flanders fields. Some of us did picture poems and others did acrostic poems this was our ww2 day.

diary entry of zinc dude

I woke up which felt like an eternity of parylised fear, i saw a man i only heard of in my dreams. He looked friendly so he told me he wanted to be my friend  so i shook his gigantic hand. First we played pong i won, he raged and stomped of. I asked to play in the remote controlled car, we played. Next we played skydiving with a napkin, he said that we were best friends and to never betray each other. When i walked in he was on  the computer  looking for people like me BETRAYLE why i asked he didn’t answer  he then chucked me in a gloomy dark room i turned my back on the door millions of them trajicly torched by the self centred man this was the end for me.


Lewis Jacombs memorys piano story

As an old mans thoughts swiftly flew through his mind, the wrinkly old and lonely man in a dark and gloomy room, devastating and silent room playing a sad tune and imagining his wife who had passed away a few weeks ago and played along the devastating tune and she then dissapeared in an blink of an eye the man was now again lonely.

Cautiously, the man ran over to the slowly falling wall in Germany where his brother was working as an asassin up in there lines trying to fight on the front lines of the German race, the wrinkly old man shouted  to his brother there may be more reinforcements stay behind the wall its safe, here he was right there were more reinforcements, he got shot twice before falling to his knees in hate of Germany. Lovingly his brother gently held him in his arms unfortunately his brother was dead and he couldn’t say sorry.

Calmy, he remembered his favourite toy a horsey, he’d ride his toy everywhere he went  and gave it to his grandson Jimmy, he was once again sad but when he noticed that much good care had gone into the toy horsey he was as happy as ever and his grandson came and finished of the tune that took him on a journey down memory lane.