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As the autumn leaves fell on the lifeless and crackly ground the autumn breeze glided and whistled through the forest. Below the tiger’s eye tree, two best friends strolled through the deserted. The brown bear majestically walked down the hill, with his best friend “Hare”, on his back. The brown bear started to get tired because it was close to the winter month. The Hare started to frown at the huge bear because the Hare new his time was nearly up.

After, the bear started to yawn and the Hare looked up and started to recognise the familiar shape that was floating down like a light feather. It was a small unique snowflake that drifted down onto the Bear’s slimy and ice cold nose. The Hare looked up at the Bear one more time and looked sad because it was the hibernation month. The Bear slowly walked back to his deserted cave. The Hare looked up at the Bear and the Bear looked back at her, tear’s filled both the Bear’s and the Hare’s eyes. Her ears flopped down slowly and sadly.

Taken by surprise, the bear saw all of the other animals delicately placing all of the most important decorations on the gigantic and huge, decorated and filled with love Christmas tree. The Bear stared at the other animals whilst feeling sad because he couldn’t take part to decorate it.

Frozen on the spot, the Hare slowly produced freezing tear’s that streamed down her face when the brown Bear started walking of to his ice cold cave. The Hare started running after him but she couldn’t catch up, so she just stood there in complete sadness.

He started to stroll sadly back to his one and only cave, he was really sad, and when he got there he remembered all of the good times that he and the Hare had together. At that exact time the Hare did the same thing.


Once upon a time, there lived a tiny baby pig. He lived in a little wooden house because his parents lived on a farm. One day, he saw his arch nemesis called Mr. Whiskers on holiday. When he was on holiday Super pig ( baby pig ) had to fight Mr.Whiskers because he was attacking the restaurants. Super pig  came in like a wrecking ball and punched Mr.Whiskers right in the face! Then super pig got a round of applause and then someone said ” How could something so tiny create all of this madness? ” Someone shouted. Then super pig flew back home.



Imagine a town when crystal white snow covered the deserted path; Were empty streets made no noise; Where skinny streets twist and turn: This is a story about that undiscovered town…

It was my 11th BIRTHDAY!… My name was Alma… Suddenly, I noticed a old fashioned door had slowly opened it. I stealthy crept forward. I gently pushed the heavy door open so that I could silently squeeze through the gap in the door… I found myself in a dark and ancient, dusty and rusty room. I looked up and the crumbling shelves. Dolls. Creepy Dolls! I saw a doll that looked exactly like me! My insidious like doll was in front of me. I slowly but carefully reached to get it but I stopped as I trod on a weird looking bike doll. I picked it up so it could ride around but it went into the door. BANG! The door slammed shut! I stared at it for a second then looked back at the doll. It was gone! Suddenly I rushed to the shelves to see if it was there. I was! I reached for it…

I stretched every muscle in my little body. My out-reached fingers glimpsed my INSIDOUS like doll and touched its nose! I could just find it. Suddenly, I had memories rushed through my mind. Weirdly, I was in the dolls perspective. I looked around and saw a beautiful doll with ruby red hair… It was the next victim! I thought to myself that I had to warn her and to get her not to follow my foot steps. I had to do something it was almost like when I followed someone in the toy shop…


Enchantingly, A devastated and lonely man played an ancient piano.His fingers swooped across the keys,playing a relaxing and calming tune which produced faraway memories…

Unbelievably, another memory ran through his filled mind and was suddenly in a war zone, he could imagine his brother getting shot and getting killed…Then it happened.In a dark and gloomy room he was stuck with his brother lying on the floor dead… He was scared of him getting shot next.As the old man reached for his medic bag as he got shot...He was lying DY\S