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The Bear And The Hare

One cold but sunny day,in a deserted forest,a huge fluffy bear and a bright white hare were strolling through the center of the forest. All of a sudden,the pair realised that winter was coming as leaves slowly fell to the ground. The bear knew he would have to miss Christmas,again,due to his hibernation. Bear’s heart sank like a ship in a blizzard. The same moment,in contrast,hare jumped around in excitement but then he realised he would have no one to spend Christmas with. Another Christmas all alone.

A wave of tiredness swept over bear. Bear who was full of sadness,started walking in the opposite direction. Hare began to follow him. They both stopped and starred into the distance. The pair glared at the glistening Christmas tree that was decorated with everything. Baubaus glowed and presents flowed,the Christmas tree was a wonderful sight. Bear yawned ,this wasn’t a good thing. Hare knew what was coming.

The tiredness consumed bear and so he gave in. He set to his dark and gloomy cave where he would hibernate over Christmas. Hare had a present for bear,so he snuck over to bear’s cave and laid the gift there. Soon,Christmas day came,and with no sign of bear, Hare would be lonely. Tears trickled down Hare’s face until suddenly bear came over the hill. Tears dried and smiles came upon everyone’s face. The biggest smile of course was that on Hare’s face. For he knew that his gift had worked,the gift of an alarm clock. After that,the friends sat on one hill and watched all the others open their presents. This was one of the many Christmas’s they wouldn’t forget.


THE 100 WORD CHALLENGE EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time, a magical pig was on an mission to destroy the world and just CAUSE TOTAL CHAOS. He started in New York. A giant building is what he wanted to destroy and the Big Apple was his FIRST VICTIM. This was DEVISTATING but CONFUSING to the people of New York because this MAGICAL was so small. One of the people said “How could something be so tiny but cause such destruction. Unfortunately, The pig was somehow shot down by the military even though the pig was minute. The world has survived a THE LITTLE TINY DANGER PIG.


The Piano

This week and last week,year 6 have been watching a short video/animation about a man who has memories about his life but the memories that he does have are devastating and sad. Let me show you what I’ve wrote written.

One day, a sad and lonely old man started to play a tune like he was at a funeral.The old man gently tapped each key as memories rushed through his powerful mind.Mysteriously, a transparent figure sat by his side playing the piano.It was the ghost of his dead wife.She gave him one final kiss goodbye and then evaporated into thin air.

In a flash,his mind stopped for a moment and focused on a devastating part of his life.He was a medic in world war two and he was on the scary but dangerous battlefield with his brother.”No don’t go,there is too many out there” the old man shouted in an angry voice.”Don’t worry I’ll be fine”(brother gets shot.)The man couldn’t save his wounded brother.He was left to rot in a little pit of dirt.A tear dropped down from the man’s cheek.Guilt rushed through the man’s mind.

Begging  Praying for happiness, the man witnessed another awful memory but this time it was less unhappy.He grew younger and younger and younger until…he was a little happy boy.He was gifted with his favorite toy,a toy horse.He galloped on his horse like usain bolt.He grew older,older and older until he had to hand his toy horse over to his grandson.His grandson then galloped to the piano where his granddad was playing that sad tune.Him and his grandson both played the last note of the tune.