Felix’s Diary

Dear diary,

My name is Felix and I have been living in an orphanage for 3 years and 8 months. I’m not really an orphan though; my parents put me in here for safety. They went to India to catch a special bird from the Legendary Bird Island! At least, that’s what I remember them telling me.

The orphanage isn’t really a place that I would like to call home. The ceiling is dripping with water and the wooden floorboards are rotting away. I can’t forget about the walls that had been yellowing over time. Bath time is the worst here. You have to be the luckiest kid alive to be first. You come out dirtier than when you went in! I do like Mother Minka; she’s the only one who knows my secret. Anyway i’m planning to escape from here and find my parents. It was kind of them to put me here but 3 years and 8 months is a bit much. Where could they be?


The Piano

Enchantingly,a depressed and lonely man played on an ancient piano.His fingers glided across the piano’s dusty black and white keys,playing a tune which produced along lost memories from his sad past.The old man felt another key being lightly tapped beside him,in the corner of his eye he saw his wife, she gave the old man a gentle kiss and slowly faded away.

Suddenly the man felt a rush go through him, remembered the dreadful war.His brother and him were behind an ancient and crumbly wall. The old man nodded, then his brother looked for enemy soldiers. Gunshots were fired, blood spewed, a quick explosion…STOP… his brother had been ¬†shot several times in the chest before plummeting to the ground. Tears started rolling from his eyes and down his cheek, the grandfather carelessly went to save his brother. But when he got there hiss brother was lying on the helplessly and motionless in a pool of midnight red, it was too late to say “sorry.”

When the man returned to his piano from his memory, another memory forced it’s way through his mind .When he saw what the memory was, it was way too late. He started to become younger and younger, happier and happier until eventually it stopped… he saw himself on a wooden hobby horse that he cherished with all his. When he got older he passed down the hobby horse to his grandson.

The boy zoomed up and down majestically like the wind. The memory slowly faded and became a reality as his grandson came and sat next to his grandfather. The tune came to an end and the boy played the last note of the amazing tune…