About oscart

Hello, my name is Oscar and I am a very sporty person .

Diary Entry

My name is Felix and I have been in this orphanage for 3 years and 8 months. I feel like the luckiest person here because my parents are the only ones alive. I’m only here for safety; my parents went to Africa to get some new books. At least I think that’s what happened. All there is to do is write stories, play with Dodie and scare Mother Minka. It gets me into a lot of trouble!

The orphanage is alright I guess but bath time is the worst!!! I’m always the last one in. It’s all cold dirty when it’s my turn. I would rather stay out because if I went in I would be even more dirty than I was. I want to leave here!

The Piano

A ancient piano and a tired and lonely man sitting in a dark room thinking of memories from the past. His wrinkly hands gently touching the bright piano keys as he thinks of one of his memories, his beloved wife. As he slowly turns around he sees his wife and they start playing the piano together. About 10 seconds later the wife gave the old man a gentle kiss on the cheek, and when he turned around to look at her she had disappeared.

Suddenly, another memory came racing through his mind, he was at war. He was a medic in the army with his brother. They were behind a crooked wall that was very unstable and was about to fall down. His brother was about to shoot. He slowly turned and shot . BANG!!! BANG!!! his brother was lying in a puddle of his own blood. The old man pulled him to safety and picked him up. It was to late he was dead left to rot there.

Mysteriously, when he forgot about his brother he had another memory race through his mind. he began to become smaller and happier until it stopped. He was a child again . He got given a present and was all exited about it, he opened his present and he got a toy horse that he had always wanted. Straight after that, he started riding it all around the room and jumping around with it. When he got older he got a little bit upset when he passed it on to his grandson for him to play with it. When the grandson finished playing with it, he went to the old mans piano to play the last note of the outstanding tune.


It was winter, and there was snow everywhere, you could barely see the ground. I was skipping down the street going home from school. It was my 11th birthday so I had to write my name on the chalk board right in the middle of the town. As soon as I turned around I saw a doll had appeared in the black stained window. It looked exactly like me. I ran to the window to take a closer look at it. I looked down to get something and I looked back up and it had disappeared. I looked in the door and it was on the middle table in the room staring out the black stained window. I tried to get in the door but it was locked completely so I couldn’t get in it. I made a snow ball because I was angry. And I threw it at the door, when I started walking away, the creaky door slowly opened…

I ran to the creaky door, I went inside the rusty ancient shop. When I looked around the shop I could not see any part of the wall, because they were covered in dolls. I crept to the table to get the doll that looked exactly like me. But on the way I accidentally trod on a doll that was on a bicycle. It tried to full speed out the door but it the door slammed shut.