John Lewis Ad 2013

Strolling through the shiny green forest, bear and hare stopped to have a rest, when a glowing snowflake fell on brown bears nose. Hare knew what was going to happen so he quickly ran to the gigantic Christmas tree before it could happen. He was determined to show bear a little glimpse of Christmas before he could go into his hibernation. They saw their beautiful friends putting up the blinding decorations to make the tree stand out from all the other trees.

Suddenly brown bear couldn’t stay longer so he went back to his gloomy cave to hibernate. A tear went down hare’s cheek. Hare didn’t want another lonely Christmas so he got a present for bear. He ran to his dark and lonely cave to place his gift. The small grey hare, ran sat by the huge Christmas tree, waiting for the bear to arrive. The time seemed endless. It was a long and lonely wait.

The wait was over. The bear woke from his slumber. The bear spotted the small lonely gift waiting to be opened. He then ripped open the mysterious gift. Meanwhile, hare was surrounded by all the woodland animals, who were all in the festive cheer. Hare watched from a distance as the other animals spent time together opening presents. Moments later the bear slowly climbed the huge snowy mountain just to be with his friend hare. As he spotted hare, hares tears stopped like the end of a storm. Finally bear got to see what Christmas is like. All because of hares thoughtful gift of an alarm clock.

                                                           THE END 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

100 word challenge #1

how could something so small be so mighty? This is a story about a little dinosaur with a with a growth hormone so that made him as small as a boulder which you may think is big but for dinosaurs this is extremely small. His name is Trike. He likes to box agenised bigger dinosaurs to become a professional dino Boxer but to become one he had to take down the king of dinosaurs D3. D3 could kick with 1000lbs, and that would almost kill a dinosaur if it hit there chest or head. Will this dino take him down? find out tomorrow later.


After I writ my name on the old squeaky black board I through a snowball at the old looking door because I was annoyed and frustrated that I wouldn’t open , and then it opened. I went inside the creepy 100 year old doll shop to find my long lost self doll but there were loads of creepy old, and new looking dolls. You could see bright, ones dark ones and ones with big hats and many more. Yes I had found my doll on the main table right in the centre of the room. I went to stretch for it until I accidently knocked over a small doll on a bicycle, I picked it up and then it cycled to the door to try escape but the door slammed shut and he was just banging on the door still trying to get out. I was scared now. I looked back at the table and the doll had gone it had teleported to the very top shelf m mind was blown. The next thing I remembered was when I reached for the doll and then…


Loneliness didn’t bother this old man, as he was playing his dusty old grand piano in a dark lonely background where all you could see is the old man. A few moments later a ghostly figure appeared next to the man playing a few notes on the piano. The ghostly figure was sadly his passed away wife wearing a Pink Turtle-neck like jumper. The next thing he knew was his wife gave him a kiss on the cheek to say good luck with the rest of you’re life. And then his wife disappeared.
As his beautiful and lovely wife disappeared he had a memory but not any old memory. His medic helmet appeared and then he was running to a crumbly old. The next thing he remembered was he was standing at the wall with his kind and lovely brother. He nodded to say shoot but then… BANG his brother was shot dead. He flew back onto the ground, blood was spilling out. The old man held his brothers dead body in his arms whilst staring up at God to look at his brother in Heaven.
Another memory rushed through his head. The old man got younger, younger and younger until he was a little boy. He was sitting on the damp, wooden floor with a gift, he opened the gift and inside was a… horse a little toy horse he was bloodshot with excitement. Every single night he would ride it, ride it and ride it again.60 years later his grandson appeared riding it for about and hour until he gently put the toy horse on the floor to sit at the grand piano and play a song with his granddad. He felt like he was a happy picture where you couldn’t stop smiling.