100 word challenge how could something so tiny

How could something so tiny explode a gigantic plane with a tiny bomb secretly hidden in the mysterious plane. The bomb was as hot as a flask. As the they were flying through the majestic calm pure white  baby blue b sky the  nasty hidden bomb had exploded the back of the blue mysterious plane. The red alarm went off … . Tons of people had died in the plane. everybody screamed, they held onto their chairs and panicked. The left engine was smoking with fire. The blue plane had suddenly crashed straight into a high way everybody had sadly died. A car had exploded with the plane…

The old mans memories

Enchantingly, a sad and upset , lonely man played the majestic posh and clear piano. The old mans wrinkly fingers glided carefully across the melody piano. All of A a sudden he felt a gentle hand coming beside him. With a surprise from the right it was his only wife.

Softly his gentle dead upsetting wife appeared next to him whilst playing the clear shiny sparkly key`s on the black ancient piano. His kind wife was playing the sparkling key`s to the right of his shoulder and softly gave him a tender kiss. Suddenly his sad memories appeared as he fell himself get carried back through his upsetting memories. He ran as fast as lightning to his beloved brother who was leaning on a crumbly loose wall. In his mind he heard a shot ring  and saw hiss beloved brother fall to the hard cemented hard dirty lumpy ground heart broken, the old man remembered crying out with sadness “why you!”.

All of a sudden he went back out from his sad upsetting memories. The old wrinkly loose man was playing his best and only instrument . Underneath he saw his only beloved grandson he loved. The old upset man gave his grandson a riding horse to his beloved grandson. The beloved grandson was sprinting back and fourth . Suddenly the little boy sat down and pressed the sparkly key.