Felix’s Diary

Dear diary,

My name is Felix and I have been living in an orphanage for 3 years and 8 months. I’m not really an orphan though; my parents put me in here for safety. They went to India to catch a special bird from the Legendary Bird Island! At least, that’s what I remember them telling me.

The orphanage isn’t really a place that I would like to call home. The ceiling is dripping with water and the wooden floorboards are rotting away. I can’t forget about the walls that had been yellowing over time. Bath time is the worst here. You have to be the luckiest kid alive to be first. You come out dirtier than when you went in! I do like Mother Minka; she’s the only one who knows my secret. Anyway i’m planning to escape from here and find my parents. It was kind of them to put me here but 3 years and 8 months is a bit much. Where could they be?


Diary Entry

My name is Felix and I have been in this orphanage for 3 years and 8 months. I feel like the luckiest person here because my parents are the only ones alive. I’m only here for safety; my parents went to Africa to get some new books. At least I think that’s what happened. All there is to do is write stories, play with Dodie and scare Mother Minka. It gets me into a lot of trouble!

The orphanage is alright I guess but bath time is the worst!!! I’m always the last one in. It’s all cold dirty when it’s my turn. I would rather stay out because if I went in I would be even more dirty than I was. I want to leave here!


Monday January 14th 1939

World War 2

Dear Diary

My name is Felix and I am 10 and I live in an orphanage. I have been living here for 3 years and 8 months. I am not really an orphan – the only person that knows that is Mother Minka. The reason I am here is because Mum and Dad don’t want the Nazis to know I’m Jewish and kill me.

The orphanage is alright I guess. The walls are still yellow and not all rusty. I love the food; it’s nice. Once I got a whole carrot in my soup. I think this means my mum and dad will come for me.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the future. I want to go and find mum and dad but I’ve got this weird feeling that it’s not safe. I hope mum and dad are OK. That’s it –  I’m going to find them.



get away


Midnight. Julianna, still grounded after 2 months, couldn’t deal with it any more. So she planned an escape route.

She tip toed across her fluffy carpet over to her chest of draws. Julianna giggled under her breath in mischief. Grabbing a black shirt, jeans and trainers she ninja rolled across her very messy unmade bed over to her finger marked window. As her  eyes glared out her grimy widow, her crystal white teeth shimmered at the glitter filled sky and a triumphant smile stretched across her face. Julianna, who was glaring out to the world, was excited for the journey ahead…


Julianna slowly gripped on and her fingers shoved open the window. She clambered over her radiator onto her mossy roof then leapt down from the rotten rain protector onto the floor. BANG! A strike of lightning fell. The clouds started to growl and angry golf balls of hail raced to the floor like smashing rocks to the black ground. Suddenly a shadow appeared out of the corner of her left eye. Then a terrifying thought drilled through Julianna’s mind. Was it a GHOST!??


Slowly fingers started to appear and a head started to show. The narrow street was lifeless. A figure peaked round a tight corner seeing if anyone was there. Empty, except a few stakes of hay. With a back pack on his back he was ready to strike the world’s most expensive jewellery shop. He smirked and his eyes turned into thin lines. He crawled over to the shop, got a hammer out if his back pack and smashed the huge window and, like a spy, he sneaked into the jewellery arcade. His eyes watered in amazement. His mouth dried out. He dived into the shop and grabbed.  “Ha! Ha! Ha!”  


Julianna couldn’t believe her eyes.

“O my Gosh” she exclaimed. Her eyes started to water in pain of being so frightened. Julianna didn’t know what to do. If she told she would be risking getting sent to her room for, instead of 2 hours, 2 decades! If she didn’t, she would be letting the criminal run loose for all eternity! Suddenly she noticed something. The robber looked extremely like her dad. Julianna was confused. In fact she was very confused. She didn’t want to tell in case it WAS him.

“STOP!” she screamed but the man raced away. Her lips turned bone dry. She couldn’t bare it any more so she sprinted back home, climbed back up to her roof and through her window into bed. What was she going to do?



Park mysteries

Slides, abandoned slides. I glance across the deserted park and wonder what I can scavenge. Foul smelly water gushes down the broken pipes and I am soaked as the rain drums against the rock hard concrete. Suddenly I spot a strange figure packing mysterious items into an overfilled black bag. He is tall and unshaven. There is a black python snake tattoo on his right arm. I move in closer to get a better view, I can feel the sweat pouring off me as I realise that I am putting myself at risk. Since the war scavenging was banned by the government.I move away from the playground towards a building and slip inside.

Shaw crouched in the power room. He counted up the money he had stolen from the bank. He needed to count it before the rebels came. He finished at 2.4 billion pounds and knew if the rebels came he would have to give them 4 million. His mind went crazy. He wasn’t sure how he was going to contact his friends without getting caught. A strange feeling came over him. He became aware someone was watching him…

I run out of the building across the park and back to the compound we call home. I need to report the robbery, but how can I? If I do the thief will go to jail but so will I! I am still wondering what to do when the siren sounds announcing the evening meal. Sitting at the long wooden table I notice a newcomer. He sits opposite. To my horror notice he something I have seen before. A black snake tattoo. As I move in close,“We’ve both met somewhere that we shouldn’t have been,” he whispers……..



THE bare and the hare

As the leaves fell,autumn breeze whistled through the forest. Below the tall and golden trees, a blanket of colorful leaves covered the forest floor. Happily two friends strolled through the forest, the brown bear with his best friend Hare on his back. They enjoyed their walks together but they both feared that their time was nearly up, at least for this xyear

A small unique snowflake floated down and landed on the bears wet nose. He yawned slowly with exhaustion. the Hare ears drooped to the ground and her eyes widened with tears. She just knew it was time to hibernate.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful snowy Christmas tree. They saw their excited friends adding the first decorations to the tree. The bear felt sad because he couldn’t take part. Just the same as every other year.

Tears slowly rolled down hares face as her best friend walked away. Under the silvery moonlight, bear curled up in his cold and damp cave. He slept for weeks. .The weather changed into golden autumn into white winter.

Running like the wind, Hare crossed the moonlit river. She felt excited because she had a small present in her mouth. When she entered the cave she placed the present down in front of the door way.

On Christmas morning hare woke up of the sound of laughter . Pushing her tears away. As she looked around , she watched the animals opened and enjoyed their presents but she did not feel the Christmas joy.

Scanning the horizon, bear stood  up and saw the sun glazing into the tree. The hare was so excited that her best friend had  appeared . travelled down the slippery snow to begin his first Christmas. Everyone gathered around him and hare galloped on his back.

Meanwhile beyond the towering mountain, a bell rang from the bears cave with rapping paper underneath. The mystery of the bear woke up on Christmas day



As the rusty leaves  floated like feathers, the autumn breeze whistled through the trees ,a blanket of leaves covered the forest floor.Swiftly,two friends strolled through the dark forest.The dark brown bear ,who had the hare on his back,sloped her off his unique back.

A pure white snowflake drifted like a piece of paper onto the bears wet nose. He yawned slowly with exhaustion. They both knew the bear had to go into hibernation.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful Christmas tree,they saw their friends adding the first decorations

Frozen to the spot, slowly tears drove down the hares face as her best friend walked away.The snow fell flat to the ground like it was super-glued to the floor.

Day after day, night after night the bear still lay sleeping as the weather changed from golden autumn to cold wet winter around him.He lay in a dark gloomy cave.

One night,as darkness fell, the hare sprinted like a jaguar to her friends cave.Running like the wind,the hare crossed the moonlit river.she felt excited with joy. She left the present at the entrance and jumped into the night.

as she lay watching animals opening there presents as she waits for the surprise. while animals played with presents she sits pushing her tears away.

As the sun rose the bear stood looking in amazement having never seen Christmas before so it was a amazing surprise. But the mystery is how did he wake up for Christmas…..

The Bear and the Hare

As the leaves fell, the autumn breeze whistled through the forest. Below the tall and golden trees a blanket of colourful leaves covered the forest floor. Happily two friends strolled through the forest. the brown Bear had his best friend Hare on his back. They were both afraid that their time was nearly up.

A small, unique snowflake floated down and landed on the bears wet nose. He yawned slowly in exhaustion. The Hare looked up at the Bear one last time. Her ears flopped down in sadness as tears filled her eyes.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful Christmas tree they saw their friends placing the first few touches to the Christmas tree all the other animals were very excited to decorating there were only a few things up like some ball balls. The Bear was upset that he couldn’t take part in decorating.

Slowly tears dropped from the Hare’s cheek onto the frosty floor. As she sat and watched her best friend walk away for his winter sleep. They both new that they wouldn’t see each other all winter. As the Hare thought that the Bare didn’t care that he would sleep all winter and leave her with no one to open their presents with the Bear was finding it very difficult to hold in all his tears.

Day after day, night after night the Bear slept in his damp, dark and cold cave. As he slept the weather changed from golden autumn into cold harsh winter. And other animals were getting ready for Christmas by rapping presents and finishing the tree.

Running like the wind the Hare crossed the frozen river and ran on the unstable log. She felt excited to see her best friend even if he couldn’t see her. She was carrying a small surprise for him. AS she got to his cave , she saw her best friend asleep he was curled up into a big ball. She placed the gift at the entrance of the cave and left.

Hearing the sound of laughter the Hare sat down all by her self in front of the beautiful Christmas tree that was finished. She watched her friends open their presents and play with them. All the others were happy.

Scanning the horizon for any sign of her best friend. Bear saw how wonderful the tree looked now it was finished. The Hare was over the moon to spend the first Christmas with Bear. Everyone was happy to see Bear.

Quickly gathering the Bear all his friends greeted him. Hare galloped over to her best friend and jump on his back. They were once again reunited. They both felt like they were going to explode with joy.

From far away the animals could hear a mysterious ticking sound. Over the hills and mountains lay a newly unwrapped alarm clock. The mystery of how Bear had his first Christmas was now solved. It was thanks to his best friend Hare.

the rabbit and the bear.

Once upon a time an emotional grey rabbit and a dark oak brown bear walked across the compact forest, filled with crackling autumn leaves. As the friends whistled under the tall trees above ,they came across a patch of colder ground. The bear had been walking for hours on end so he had a rest in the forest of leaves.

Then the golden oak brown bear stretched and yawned before the first individual snowflake floated onto the brown bears nose. The bear was tired of egsuastion. The rabbit knew that he`d never seen Christmas before and he wasn’t allowed to do that because Christmas is a celebration and a time of happiness and fun when everyone is getting presents but bear had not had a Christmas celebration.

As they Bothe walked over the hill to where the tree was being decorated at that moment at that by all the other animals such as foxes, robins, deer’s and badgers.

slowly ,tears rolled down the rabbits eyes  as his best friend went over to his damp, gloomy and dark cave for his winter sleep as the temperature went under minus one degrees the rabbit felt sad because his best friend had gone for hi winter sleep and he didn’t like this because they always have and take walks to talk to each other and git some exercise.

Then came the night of Christmas eve and the rabbit hoped over to the brown bears cave and placed a present by the door and left. In the morning hoping he would come and share Christmas with the other animals the rabbit watched the animals open there presents and gifts together, BUT SUDDENLY! everyone looked at the hill IT WAS BEAR he made it he woke up from his winter sleep and everyone gasped and all ran over to him and rabbit jumped onto his back and smiled as the bear had seen Christmas for the first time in his life and was amazed on how he`d missed all the fun and excitement all the years ago.

As the winter snow fell to the ground the gift that was given was a silver clock wich struck twelve.

the end

The bear and the hare !

One freezing but sunny day, in the massive woods was a giant, brown bear and a and a small, cute, white hare strolling through the centre of the woods. Summer was coming to an end and it was starting to get really icy and freezing cold as the snow flakes slowly and softy fell to the ground. The hare was really exited because it was nearly Christmas but bear was getting tired and ready to hibernate in his dark, gloomy cave. From out of the woods sat a massive Christmas tree that all the animals had decorated.

Hare took one look at the beautiful Christmas tree that all the animals had decorated and then looked back at bear. BEAR HAD GONE… He had almost disappeared into the gigantic woods. Bear strolled across the fallen tree that went over the clear blue river and into his dark cave. THE WEEKS CHANGED.

It was now Christmas eve, and hare felt sorry for bear, so he slowly hopped to bears cave, he places a present that was wrapped in a red box with green ribbon around it, out side of his cave. Weeks passed and it was finally Christmas day and hare was with all of the animals, but he still felt all alone and sad. 1Hare started  looking around the Christmas tree, all of a sudden hare saw bear strolling towards the Christmas tree ,hares face lit up and bear finally sees what a Christmas tree is. All the animals are celebrating “YEAH YEAH ” Hare was really happy as well as the other animals he had his best- friend back. The thing that brought bear to the Christmas tree was a beautiful alarm clock.


As leaves fell,the autumn breeze whistled through the forest.Below the tall and golden trees, a blanket of leaves hovered over the ground. Happily ,two friends ambled together .The brown bear was a nice friend and the hare witch sat on the bears back had floppy ears.

As a small unique snowflake floated down and landed on the bears cold, wet, nose. The bear yawned with exaction. The hare looked up at him with tears falling down her face like a lake as her ears flopped down in sadness. As they know the bears going to hibernate and they will be separated for winter maybe for ever.?

Whilst the two friends were strolling down the hill to the Christmas tree were all the other animals came for Christmas. The bear walked away from the tree with crunchy feet  into a cave were he could hibernate. Day after day night after night the bear hibernated for winter . Under the silvery moonlight the cave was dark, gloomy, damp, wet the bear didn’t move a muscle in his little cave.

Quickly gripping the present she hopped as fast as lightning across the freezing plains. She hopped across the lake and log and left the golden wrapped present. The hare sat on the white gleaming snow. She looked behind her and saw bear she zoomed over to him and hopped on his back and hugged him in amazement .

The present was an alarm clock you could hear it from miles away the hare got bear a woolly shoes and bare got hare a woolly hat.


The Bear and the Hare

As the Autumn was coming to an end the last leaves fell to the cold ground. As two friends , walked through the crunching Autumn leaves. The Bear was walking through the forest with his best friend the Hare on his back. But they both knew that it was nearly time for the bear’s hibernation.

Just then the first snow flake fell from the sky and on to the bear’s wet nose. He yawned with tiredness. The Hare knew that she had to say good bye to her best friend. Slowly the Hare’s eye’s filled up with water and her ear’s flopped down.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful Christmas tree , they saw their friends adding the first Christmas decorations to it. Suddenly the bears head dropped down with sadness.

Slowly tears rolled down the Hare’s face as her best friend walked away from the marvelous  tree and across the unstable log.

Then the bear slept day after day night after night through the cold , windy winter.

Running like the wind hare crossed the moon light river. The hare was so exited to see her best friend. She was carrying a small present and left it at the front of the cave.

Hearing the sound of laughter hare lay in front of the Christmas tree pushing her tears away.As she looked around she saw her friends opening and enjoying their presents scanning the horizon searching for any sign of her best friend. shining,the sun rose over the hills and out of know were Bear appeared.

Quickly the animals gathered around the bear to greet him. Hare galloped over and hopped on to the bears back they all felt like they were going to explode with joy.

From fare away the animals could hear a mysterious noise coming from over the hills and mountain lay a newly unwrapped alarm clock.the mistory of the bears first Christmas. All thanks to hare   





The bear and the hare

Gently, Strolling through the frosty was a Bear and a Hare. It was coming to the start of winter as the first snowflake swiftly drifted to the ground, in fact winter had begun. Bear looked up and opened his enormous mouth and yawned. Suddenly, Hares ears dropped and his heart began to sadden, Bear was going into hibernation . Hare looked around at the Christmas tree and realised how much fun Bear was missing out on every single year. He longed to have just one year to share the joys of Christmas with his very special friend .

Bear, who was full of sadness, frowned as he walked over frozen ponds, through swaying trees and back to his beloved cave. as the weeks went by bear was in a deep a sleep unconscious to the world around, unknown to the Bear, Hare  snuck up to the gateway of bears dark and spacious cave and delivered a small red box with a neatly tied green ribbon.

Early next morning hare looked around and although Hare was surrounded by all sorts of different animals hare felt lonely, as lonely as the last leaf on a tree in autumn. As all he wanted was his best friend. As Hare wondered if Bear would  ever wake up, Bear was on his way. suddenly, Bear stood up on his huge back and looked over the snowy hill. Hare smiled with relief. Bear had got hares very special gift. A gift of time.


The Bear and the Hare

As two friends walked in the autumn forest floor their feet crunched on the autumn leaves without limitations the autumn sun shone one the crumbling leaves and ancient trees as the wind howled down the old and tired forest. when the bear yawned
“oh no he tried he going into hibernation again” then the bear looked and saw the first majestic snowflake glide down on to his wet nose. then he sloped down the hill and then the hare thought.
“only if he could see the wonders of Christmas” a slow but fast tear trickled down her face as her ears flopped down like a beagle then as they walked past their  friends putting on the first touch’s to the massive tree and then he went back to his home to hibernate.

Hare just sat their crying. Until she ran home and got a present and sprinted down the hill past the moonlit river and then put the perfectly wrapped present. Then she ran back up the  snowy hill. Then waited for hours for bear to come then he woke up to the present ringing. He opened the present it was a alarm clock then he came to the tree and it had this god like glow on it hare looked up and sae w him walking down the moonlit tree it was beautiful the clock was still ringing in the distance


It was coming to the end of summer, when bear and hare were strolling through the woods towards the huge Christmas tree. Bear was giant and slow but hare was tiny and agile. Suddenly the snow flakes floated to the ground – winter had begun. Bear looked up,softly a single snow flake floated down and landed on bear’s nose. Bear and hare both new what was coming. Hare’s smile slowly turned upside down:his heart thumping: tears turning to icicles. He looked down at the floor and they carried on walking. They finally reached the huge Christmas tree, witch was decorated with anything you could imagine(decoration wise) then hare smiled with a heavy heart as he remembered it would be another lonely Christmas.

They came to the top of the snowy hill near the tree. Bear started to turn around , then out of the blue hare started hopping around like his tail was on fire. He told bear that he didn’t have to go into hibernation. This could be the Christmas he wouldn’t miss. But bear didn’t answer and in the matter of just moments bear had almost completely dispersed into the woods. He walked across the fallen tree that went over the river and into his cave.

Weeks went passed and finally Christmas eve came around hare ran quietly to bears cave. It was rosy red with a light green bow. Early the next morning hare still felt lonely. Although  he was surrounded by animals it wasnt the same without bear. Suddenly all the animals peered behind hare. He turned. It was bear. He was staring at the huge Christmas tree as day light shone on him. He hopped quickly and jumped on bear’s back. Together they walked over.

But the animals weren’t sure how bear got up. So hare told them that how his gift to bear was the gift of time. Bear thanked him. He said that now he could enjoy Christmas every year.


the bear and the rabbit john Lewis advert/2013

As the autumn leaf drifted down to the frosty forest floor crunching under the bears wide paws. The snow white rabbit was sat on the huge bears board shoulders  swiftly they both made there way across the bright and courlerful forest  the brown bear feard that his  time was nearly up !

as a small unique snowflake floteded rabbit wanted down and landed a the bears wet black nose. He yawned with tiredness loudly. the rabit was worried  that he would never see his best friend again.

as the rabit sprinted off the bear was left trailing behind. As he finaly caught up they both came to the Christmas tree  they looked at people decorating the tree but bear was to tired to even care about it.

as the tired walked bough the back to his cave throught the terrible snow storm “STOP” shouted the rabit but it was to late he was to far away to hear as he sat in the freasing snow pushing one of her tears back up his face.

day after day night after night the bear slept motionless. iceocles fell on the cave entrance he was dreaming no dreams he was in hibonation no boudy cold stop him . his cave was dark and gloomy.

one night as darkness fell a small white rabbit sprinted across the old brige log
and droped a well raped gift on his cave door step as he sprinted off into the darkness he know it would work.

as the rabbit came sat next to the grand Christmas tree see all his friend opening presents waiting to see if it would work deprest and angry he thougt he would miss it again

as the ancshus bear came trouging up the hill his eyes met with the Christmas tree and then with rabbits eyes they were so happy. the bear was so happy that  he had finally
seen Christmas and so happy to see his best friend the rabbit.

the silver alarm clock was the thing that the sneaky rabbit left him to wake him up.


John Lewis Advert 2013

As the autumn leaves fell on the lifeless and crackly ground the autumn breeze glided and whistled through the forest. Below the tiger’s eye tree, two best friends strolled through the deserted. The brown bear majestically walked down the hill, with his best friend “Hare”, on his back. The brown bear started to get tired because it was close to the winter month. The Hare started to frown at the huge bear because the Hare new his time was nearly up.

After, the bear started to yawn and the Hare looked up and started to recognise the familiar shape that was floating down like a light feather. It was a small unique snowflake that drifted down onto the Bear’s slimy and ice cold nose. The Hare looked up at the Bear one more time and looked sad because it was the hibernation month. The Bear slowly walked back to his deserted cave. The Hare looked up at the Bear and the Bear looked back at her, tear’s filled both the Bear’s and the Hare’s eyes. Her ears flopped down slowly and sadly.

Taken by surprise, the bear saw all of the other animals delicately placing all of the most important decorations on the gigantic and huge, decorated and filled with love Christmas tree. The Bear stared at the other animals whilst feeling sad because he couldn’t take part to decorate it.

Frozen on the spot, the Hare slowly produced freezing tear’s that streamed down her face when the brown Bear started walking of to his ice cold cave. The Hare started running after him but she couldn’t catch up, so she just stood there in complete sadness.

He started to stroll sadly back to his one and only cave, he was really sad, and when he got there he remembered all of the good times that he and the Hare had together. At that exact time the Hare did the same thing.

Bear and the Hare

Underneath the autumn trees.  bear and the hare stamped across the green grass which was now covered in golden leaves. The hare was just sat on the bears back like he was a throne it was very usual every year.

Then suddenly a pure white snowflake drifted down onto the brown bears nose . The hares ears flapped down since he knew it was hibernation month . The hare frowned at the  brown bear because he had never seen Christmas.

Whilst the two best friends walked out of the massive forest they saw their friends decorating the  majestic tree . The hare sprang up in excitement while the bear watched in gloom . The tree was big beautiful and majestic and the hare closely watched the decorations get put up by a countless number of friends.

The bear stamped away into the frozen snow also walking away from the majestic tree . The bear rushed to hibernate the brown bear looked back at his friend the hare and turned his back on the hare .

The brown bear then went into hibernation inside of his dark, wet and damp cave . days went by . At night , a blue moon which could be seen  shone across the landscape and in  day, gold shining sunshine blew up across the ground .

One frozen night , the hare sprinted like Rudolph the red nose reindeer through the dark night to her friends gloomy cave . She left a lovely  gift just at the entrance of the cave and sprinted back to the majestic cave.


Sat in front of his friends watching them spread their Christmas joy , the hare gloomy , she pulled her tears back into her empty eyes She looked at the tree and stared at the star on top lighting up around  every thing around it she heard the sound of laughter and not feeling joy.

Then all of a sudden , the spotlight shot onto the bear. He looked down at his friend. The bears heart blew up with joy as he stared at the tree. He came down and was welcomed into the Christmas spirit . He looked down at his friends , who were springing with joy.

As all his friends jumped around him , his best friend the hare, jumped onto the bears back .they were once again reunited together .Have a merry Christmas.


The Bear and the Hare

The snowflake hit the bear. Yawning with exhaustion, the bear let out a mighty yawn. the hare frowned, he knew that bear would have to hibernate, her ears flopped down in sadness and tears filled her eyes.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the amazing Christmas tree, they saw their friends adding the first decorations to the tree. The birds did the top the tall animals did the middle and the rest did the bottom. It was magical. The bear felt bad that he was leaving to hibernate.

As the frosty wind blew tears rolled down the hares face she knew that bear wouldn’t come back in till summer. She couldn’t control her sadness in this harsh winter.

Under the dark blue night sky. In dark, round and old cave the bear, scrunched up in a ball to hibernate, day after day, night after night the weather got more and more harsh, the storms shouted but the bear didn’t move. He was dead still.

Running like the wind. Hare crossed the moonlit river. She felt exited to finally see bear again (even if bear wasn’t awake to see her) she wanted to give bear a massive hug and give him his present.

Lonely the hare watched all the other animals open their presents, she was sad and bored. Just as she was going to turn back.The sun rose and bear came out of nowhere standing on his hind legs. He couldn’t believe his eyes, it was beautiful and he hadn’t seen anything like it. All the animals jumped for joy as the hare and the bear reunited.

Coming from bears cave, a mysterious ticking noise. All the animals wonder whats in there, the ticking will only stop when its Christmas.

The Bear And The Hare

One cold but sunny day,in a deserted forest,a huge fluffy bear and a bright white hare were strolling through the center of the forest. All of a sudden,the pair realised that winter was coming as leaves slowly fell to the ground. The bear knew he would have to miss Christmas,again,due to his hibernation. Bear’s heart sank like a ship in a blizzard. The same moment,in contrast,hare jumped around in excitement but then he realised he would have no one to spend Christmas with. Another Christmas all alone.

A wave of tiredness swept over bear. Bear who was full of sadness,started walking in the opposite direction. Hare began to follow him. They both stopped and starred into the distance. The pair glared at the glistening Christmas tree that was decorated with everything. Baubaus glowed and presents flowed,the Christmas tree was a wonderful sight. Bear yawned ,this wasn’t a good thing. Hare knew what was coming.

The tiredness consumed bear and so he gave in. He set to his dark and gloomy cave where he would hibernate over Christmas. Hare had a present for bear,so he snuck over to bear’s cave and laid the gift there. Soon,Christmas day came,and with no sign of bear, Hare would be lonely. Tears trickled down Hare’s face until suddenly bear came over the hill. Tears dried and smiles came upon everyone’s face. The biggest smile of course was that on Hare’s face. For he knew that his gift had worked,the gift of an alarm clock. After that,the friends sat on one hill and watched all the others open their presents. This was one of the many Christmas’s they wouldn’t forget.


John Lewis Ad 2013

Strolling through the shiny green forest, bear and hare stopped to have a rest, when a glowing snowflake fell on brown bears nose. Hare knew what was going to happen so he quickly ran to the gigantic Christmas tree before it could happen. He was determined to show bear a little glimpse of Christmas before he could go into his hibernation. They saw their beautiful friends putting up the blinding decorations to make the tree stand out from all the other trees.

Suddenly brown bear couldn’t stay longer so he went back to his gloomy cave to hibernate. A tear went down hare’s cheek. Hare didn’t want another lonely Christmas so he got a present for bear. He ran to his dark and lonely cave to place his gift. The small grey hare, ran sat by the huge Christmas tree, waiting for the bear to arrive. The time seemed endless. It was a long and lonely wait.

The wait was over. The bear woke from his slumber. The bear spotted the small lonely gift waiting to be opened. He then ripped open the mysterious gift. Meanwhile, hare was surrounded by all the woodland animals, who were all in the festive cheer. Hare watched from a distance as the other animals spent time together opening presents. Moments later the bear slowly climbed the huge snowy mountain just to be with his friend hare. As he spotted hare, hares tears stopped like the end of a storm. Finally bear got to see what Christmas is like. All because of hares thoughtful gift of an alarm clock.

                                                           THE END 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


One cold and windy day there was a girl walking down the road she was eight years old and she lived in a little village called The flowers she thought to her self why is this  village called that when there isn’t aren’t any flowers. So on her way home she asked several people why her village is called The flowers but no one knew it started to become a mystery. she wondered and wondered until she remembered she could go and ask the oldest man in the village. Every one said he knows every thing so she ran and ran all the way to his house and by the time she got there she had ran out of breathe and had to stop for a second. slowly  Then the oldest man in the world came to the door and welcomed her in. Quietly  the oldest man said that there was flower years ago they just don’t grow in the village any more because no one had planted seeds in the ground and that’s all she wanted to know.      

100 word challenge how could something so tiny…

How could something so tiny  be so powerful and aggressive , to destroy a whole city. This is a story about the world war 2 bombing in London. I woke up this morning and my mum told me  to pack my favourite things, and then I got on a train that was also full of kids under the age of 18, I didn’t know where I was going my mum would not tell me what was going on but she sounded really worried. When I finally arrived we were given to people that lived in the country- side so we wouldn’t get hurt in the war…

THE 100 WORD CHALLENGE EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time, a magical pig was on an mission to destroy the world and just CAUSE TOTAL CHAOS. He started in New York. A giant building is what he wanted to destroy and the Big Apple was his FIRST VICTIM. This was DEVISTATING but CONFUSING to the people of New York because this MAGICAL was so small. One of the people said “How could something be so tiny but cause such destruction. Unfortunately, The pig was somehow shot down by the military even though the pig was minute. The world has survived a THE LITTLE TINY DANGER PIG.


100 word challenge how could something so tiny

How could something so tiny explode a gigantic plane with a tiny bomb secretly hidden in the mysterious plane. The bomb was as hot as a flask. As the they were flying through the majestic calm pure white  baby blue b sky the  nasty hidden bomb had exploded the back of the blue mysterious plane. The red alarm went off … . Tons of people had died in the plane. everybody screamed, they held onto their chairs and panicked. The left engine was smoking with fire. The blue plane had suddenly crashed straight into a high way everybody had sadly died. A car had exploded with the plane…

100 word challenge #1

how could something so small be so mighty? This is a story about a little dinosaur with a with a growth hormone so that made him as small as a boulder which you may think is big but for dinosaurs this is extremely small. His name is Trike. He likes to box agenised bigger dinosaurs to become a professional dino Boxer but to become one he had to take down the king of dinosaurs D3. D3 could kick with 1000lbs, and that would almost kill a dinosaur if it hit there chest or head. Will this dino take him down? find out tomorrow later.


As the Snowball hit the door I could feel a chill down my spine as the door behind me opened “I shouldn’t be in here”I saw the doll looking at me when I accidentally knocked over a doll on a bike, it rid around me and banged into the door. Meanwhile the doll had mysteriously disappeared and reappeared on the shelf. I slowly crept towards the doll taking my gloves off I reached out for the doll i felt my soul getting ripped from my body BANG for a moment just silence, then my vision slowly came back, all lines, colors and blurs are gone and I can see again but that’s not a good thing since I realize “I’M THE DOLL!!!” slowly another doll rose from the table “NOOOOO!!!” that’s the next victim.

100 Word challenge

How could something so tiny course this much damage to this world? Wwell Ii guess you never miss something until it’s gone.  Iit’s like the whole world has came to a stand still. Because one tiny thing got killed the rest of the world have to pay for something I did I didn’t think at all when I done that I thought killing that little thing why was I so foolish to do that its like I was tricked in to destroying the world how could I kill everyone in the world Iim  going to die i ve killed everyone well that destiny.      


100 word challenge how could something so tiny…

How could something so tiny be so strong and devastating. I woke up this morning and my mum told me to quickly get changed and pack my favorite things in a suite case and come down stairs. Then we walked very quickly to the train station. She was acting like she wanted to get rid of me. Then she said the war has broken out and you have to go to the countryside to keep safe and i can come back when the war is over and everything is back to normal. We said goodbye and I waved goodbye and the train left…