One cold and windy day there was a girl walking down the road she was eight years old and she lived in a little village called The flowers she thought to her self why is this  village called that when there isn’t aren’t any flowers. So on her way home she asked several people why her village is called The flowers but no one knew it started to become a mystery. she wondered and wondered until she remembered she could go and ask the oldest man in the village. Every one said he knows every thing so she ran and ran all the way to his house and by the time she got there she had ran out of breathe and had to stop for a second. slowly  Then the oldest man in the world came to the door and welcomed her in. Quietly  the oldest man said that there was flower years ago they just don’t grow in the village any more because no one had planted seeds in the ground and that’s all she wanted to know.      


  1. Well written Georgia. I was gripped by the first part. The question that needs answering though is ‘Why don’t they grow any more?’ Maybe you could add this – even though it will be more than 100 words. Tip: Go though and add full stops and capital letters. You’ve written in sentences but missed several out.

  2. very well done georgia u used a great place of full stops and you used some greaat adjectives for the verbs.

  3. good job but you might want to look through the last 5 lines bacase it dosnt really make sense.sorry to criticize you

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