John Lewis Ad 2013

Strolling through the shiny green forest, bear and hare stopped to have a rest, when a glowing snowflake fell on brown bears nose. Hare knew what was going to happen so he quickly ran to the gigantic Christmas tree before it could happen. He was determined to show bear a little glimpse of Christmas before he could go into his hibernation. They saw their beautiful friends putting up the blinding decorations to make the tree stand out from all the other trees.

Suddenly brown bear couldn’t stay longer so he went back to his gloomy cave to hibernate. A tear went down hare’s cheek. Hare didn’t want another lonely Christmas so he got a present for bear. He ran to his dark and lonely cave to place his gift. The small grey hare, ran sat by the huge Christmas tree, waiting for the bear to arrive. The time seemed endless. It was a long and lonely wait.

The wait was over. The bear woke from his slumber. The bear spotted the small lonely gift waiting to be opened. He then ripped open the mysterious gift. Meanwhile, hare was surrounded by all the woodland animals, who were all in the festive cheer. Hare watched from a distance as the other animals spent time together opening presents. Moments later the bear slowly climbed the huge snowy mountain just to be with his friend hare. As he spotted hare, hares tears stopped like the end of a storm. Finally bear got to see what Christmas is like. All because of hares thoughtful gift of an alarm clock.

                                                           THE END 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

One thought on “John Lewis Ad 2013

  1. What a superb story Stephen! It has a really clear structure, uses excellent vocabulary and you have thought about the structure of your sentences – great writing. In paragraph 2 could you replace went with a stronger verb in the sentence “A tear went down hare’s cheek”?

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