Monday January 14th 1939

World War 2

Dear Diary

My name is Felix and I am 10 and I live in an orphanage. I have been living here for 3 years and 8 months. I am not really an orphan – the only person that knows that is Mother Minka. The reason I am here is because Mum and Dad don’t want the Nazis to know I’m Jewish and kill me.

The orphanage is alright I guess. The walls are still yellow and not all rusty. I love the food; it’s nice. Once I got a whole carrot in my soup. I think this means my mum and dad will come for me.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the future. I want to go and find mum and dad but I’ve got this weird feeling that it’s not safe. I hope mum and dad are OK. That’s it –  I’m going to find them.



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