THE 100 WORD CHALLENGE EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time, a magical pig was on an mission to destroy the world and just CAUSE TOTAL CHAOS. He started in New York. A giant building is what he wanted to destroy and the Big Apple was his FIRST VICTIM. This was DEVISTATING but CONFUSING to the people of New York because this MAGICAL was so small. One of the people said “How could something be so tiny but cause such destruction. Unfortunately, The pig was somehow shot down by the military even though the pig was minute. The world has survived a THE LITTLE TINY DANGER PIG.


100 word challenge how could something so tiny…

How could something so tiny  be so powerful and aggressive , to destroy a whole city. This is a story about the world war 2 bombing in London. I woke up this morning and my mum told me  to pack my favourite things, and then I got on a train that was also full of kids under the age of 18, I didn’t know where I was going my mum would not tell me what was going on but she sounded really worried. When I finally arrived we were given to people that lived in the country- side so we wouldn’t get hurt in the war…


How could something so tiny cause something so tragic. Whilst a Russian plane carrying  over 200 passengers on board was blown up in the sky by a tiny bomb (in a can), we still don’t know weather the bomb was on board  or off. They are slowly finding leftovers of the plane in deserts and motorways. We now remember those that had died during the crash. Russia are keen to know why they had let a bomb in the plane or who planted it on the plane. The guards should of been watching. 


100 word challenge. how could something so tiny…

How could  something tiny make me so ill. what happened was that a leaf started falling down and i was allergic to something small i had to run to the bathroom to take my tablets before i throw up. my mum was so kind that i can stay up until my dad gets back from work but i still have to do my homework whilst watching a film because i don’t want to get told of by my teacher.Suddenly i saw a load of police walking up and down the street it looks like there guarding a house for someone.


Once upon a time, there lived a tiny baby pig. He lived in a little wooden house because his parents lived on a farm. One day, he saw his arch nemesis called Mr. Whiskers on holiday. When he was on holiday Super pig ( baby pig ) had to fight Mr.Whiskers because he was attacking the restaurants. Super pig  came in like a wrecking ball and punched Mr.Whiskers right in the face! Then super pig got a round of applause and then someone said ” How could something so tiny create all of this madness? ” Someone shouted. Then super pig flew back home.

…how could something so tiny… 100 word challenge :)


How could something so tiny be so amazing. As he ran  drooling every where skidding round corners. exploring the carpet  like a  jungle climbing up  the fire place raiding through the kitchen cupboard. Reporting back to base of his finding  faceted by the vast world around him drinking like a king in the wine cellar getting all dusty in  the loft  skiing in the freezer finally running into the tiny little ship for the tiny little man. it then flew off and back to his home planet BOOM Theengine blew up  in to a million peace’s he’s dead….!!!!!

1ooword challenge… how could someone so tiny…

How could some so tiny do someone so great and this is a story about the boy who risked his life for his country.There was once a boy called Jamie who was very clever and selfless but that lead to his death which made the whole world cry and thought to themselves why cant all of us be like him?Jamie was a boy who got bullied at winton  winton primary school he loved the world. when he did something out of our belief that he stopped terrorist attack and tackled the leader before he could shoot everyone so the leader blew himself up and killed Jamie.

100 word challenge how could something so tiny…

How could something so tiny be so strong and devastating. I woke up this morning and my mum told me to quickly get changed and pack my favorite things in a suite case and come down stairs. Then we walked very quickly to the train station. She was acting like she wanted to get rid of me. Then she said the war has broken out and you have to go to the countryside to keep safe and i can come back when the war is over and everything is back to normal. We said goodbye and I waved goodbye and the train left…


As the Snowball hit the door I could feel a chill down my spine as the door behind me opened “I shouldn’t be in here”I saw the doll looking at me when I accidentally knocked over a doll on a bike, it rid around me and banged into the door. Meanwhile the doll had mysteriously disappeared and reappeared on the shelf. I slowly crept towards the doll taking my gloves off I reached out for the doll i felt my soul getting ripped from my body BANG for a moment just silence, then my vision slowly came back, all lines, colors and blurs are gone and I can see again but that’s not a good thing since I realize “I’M THE DOLL!!!” slowly another doll rose from the table “NOOOOO!!!” that’s the next victim.

goku rants about the internet

How could something so tiny start something so big, one comment on a blog could start a massive argument links could be posted to different websites for bigger arguments or fights. Total chaos would begin from one comment on one video on one website on The Internet. That’s why the internet is dangerous and you shouldn’t enable comments for videos the invention was great but not really since it starts flame wars and that is really not good so comments on videos are dumb and they shouldn’t of been invented and then this wouldn’t of happened 😀 😀 😀 😀

world war two topic day lewis and stephen

Firstly, we came into school thinking it was a normal day until we saw the teachers dressed as world war two people. As soon as we saw them we thought is this something to do withe our rock and roll show / musical on the 19th of November 2015 but it wasn’t, it was our new topic about world war two.

Secondly, we went to 6lm to make shortbread biscuits we could eat in the afternoon and we learnt that it only took four ingredients to make them margarine, sugar, milk and flour and created them into what ever shape you desired to make.

Last of all in 6jw  we created poems and other things to do with Flanders fields. Some of us did picture poems and others did acrostic poems this was our ww2 day.


Today has been a really exiting day,  we have learnt about evacuees, we have made short bread and wrote poems about  people who died in the war.

we’ve learnt that children under the age of 19 got sent away from their parents  to places like Canada or Australia and places that were not involved in the war. And if the people didnt want the children they would kick them out and they would have to live in the streets. even if they had a brother  or a sister they wouldnt always be sent to the same country.  The war started in 1939 and ended in 1945. We also learnt what ingredients are in short bread and how easy it is to make all that is in it is butter, plain flour, and granulated sugar.    Also in the afternoon we learnt about the the soldiers that died in the war. We had to do a poem about ww2

the full alma story

i was walking home jumping in the crunchy cold white snow ,when i came across the black board that every 11 years old write there names on as a tradition . Suddenly i heard a weird banging noise like a calling bang . And i turned around and i saw a shop but then i realized it wasent a normal shop. It was a shop full of dolls and on a stand right in front of the window there was a doll who looked like my twin it was my twin doll …the same clothes and everything. It was creepy but i wanted to find out more.Questions like why is this happening why in this shop-i ran to the wooden ice cold door and tried to open it but unfortunately it wouldn’t budge.I was angry so i walked away .But then i heard the door and I jumped around and smiled .It was completely silent i walked i and the floor felt like a jigsaw puzzle mysteriously the doll had moved why did my doll move why ow why. I started around and saw the strange doll on the wooden box how did this happen .I walked towards it and a tiny boy doll on a bike fell right down in front of me and i tripped over it .It went  bang to the door….what was going to happen next with these dolls. i was even more curious now.I was jumping up onto the box and my hand was about to touch the doll but it went up even higher this is just crazy. these two twin dolls were watching same as all the other dolls they were all looking around too. the doll was on the shelf now the dusty old shelf. i reached up as high as i could and touched its china noes ………..i was having flash backs strange mistirious flash backs .i was now staring at the anciant room from the shelf i was now the doll. this must be how they moved in the first pace but this was still a mistery……

the end

world war 2day

Today on Monday  we had world war day we were in each class with each teacher learning different things we made short bread and we wrote world war two letters and we also wrote a poppy poem . that was our day I found it very good

world war 2 day

Today I had a topic day about WORLD WAR II! We learnt about being an evacuee in World War II… We had to write a diary entry or a letter to our parents to see what it was like, because the children did that when they found out that they were getting fostered… They wrote to there parents when they got to the foster home to tell them what there day was like and to tell there parents if they like it or not! We watched a video to see how it was…

Then we did some cooking in Miss Marshall’s class and made some short bread with only 4 ingredients… We had 2 groups of about seven in each group. We took turns to make the short bread whilst the other groups did crossword and word search… We had to do it about rationing and all the foods, furniture and clothes… We had to try and work it out from our word search…

In Mr Wilsons class we learnt about soldiers and we had to do a poem about them… We had a choice of doing a Picture Poem or a Plain Old Boring Poem! I didn’t like it that much because I don’t like doing poems or writing… The reason I don’t like it is because my favourite subject is maths…

I think I wouldn’t like to live in the WORLD WAR II times is because 38,000 people have to be evacuated to different countries… Even if you have a brother or a sister you wouldn’t get go to the same country!!!

the Alma double

I walked through the hard wooden iced door I was extremely scared but I wanted to know what was happening. I could see the doll that looked like my twin. It stood there on a hard wooden  box creepily looking her in the eyes.she annoyingly wanted to grab the doll. Suddenly a little man doll fell to the dusty floor from the old wooden shelf’s. There were dozens of ancient dolls everywhere.the doll on the bike was hitting the door constantly going bang bang bang.she was hearing lots of stange noises.this was getting creepy the doll was now on the self magically with lots of other strange looking dolls.She stepped onto the the box she wanted to grab the doll she almost touched and………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

My hand was shaking like mad i could just about feel the dolls face.My fingertips just about touched the precious china noes all of a sudden i had some strange flash backs i dident know what happened . my lfe flashed before my eyes.i i i was on the shelf my eyes were staring at the whole room the dark empty room the room looked strange and different. i looked around I was now the door standing on the dark dusty sho elf at the window another small doll turned up what was going thappen now

My story Alma

One day there was a girl called Alma. She was on her way back from school but her parents were not in so she decided to play on the streets till her parents got back. Then she walked past a China doll shop and behind her it said RIGHT WRITE YOUR NAME!! So she did. She heard a loud creaking noise behind her. She turned around and saw a China doll which looked exactly like her she ran up to the hand ridden window and rubbed her new orange gloves on the window to see exactly what the doll was wearing. It was wearing the exacted same as her. Alma was confused. Then in the blink of an eye the doll vanished. Alma went to open the door but she couldn’t because of this she got frustrated so she throw a massive snow ball at the window on the door. Then the door opened a slight crack. ” what? The door wouldn’t open a minute ago with me pushing as hard as I could so why is it opening without me trying? ” Alma pushed the heavy door and looked around then she found the doll but before she could take a footstep she accidentally stood a a doll on a old fashioned bike so Alma needled down and picked the doll up but as fast as a rocket it zoomed towards the door but before the doll could get to the door it slammed shut BANG!! Then the doll on the bike relentlessly rode into the door.BOOM!! BANG!! BOOM!! Yet again the doll they looked like Alma vanished. Alma looked everywhere but couldn’t find the doll. Finally she found her identical doll she took her oringe glove off with her watery mouth and reached for the top shelf Alma skimmed her index finger across the dolls nose. All of a sudden flash backs of the last few minutes ran through her mind the she notices her self on top shelf unable to move she noticed she was inside the doll.


more written episodes coming!😀


The Piano

A ancient piano and a tired and lonely man sitting in a dark room thinking of memories from the past. His wrinkly hands gently touching the bright piano keys as he thinks of one of his memories, his beloved wife. As he slowly turns around he sees his wife and they start playing the piano together. About 10 seconds later the wife gave the old man a gentle kiss on the cheek, and when he turned around to look at her she had disappeared.

Suddenly, another memory came racing through his mind, he was at war. He was a medic in the army with his brother. They were behind a crooked wall that was very unstable and was about to fall down. His brother was about to shoot. He slowly turned and shot . BANG!!! BANG!!! his brother was lying in a puddle of his own blood. The old man pulled him to safety and picked him up. It was to late he was dead left to rot there.

Mysteriously, when he forgot about his brother he had another memory race through his mind. he began to become smaller and happier until it stopped. He was a child again . He got given a present and was all exited about it, he opened his present and he got a toy horse that he had always wanted. Straight after that, he started riding it all around the room and jumping around with it. When he got older he got a little bit upset when he passed it on to his grandson for him to play with it. When the grandson finished playing with it, he went to the old mans piano to play the last note of the outstanding tune.

The Piano

This week and last week,year 6 have been watching a short video/animation about a man who has memories about his life but the memories that he does have are devastating and sad. Let me show you what I’ve wrote written.

One day, a sad and lonely old man started to play a tune like he was at a funeral.The old man gently tapped each key as memories rushed through his powerful mind.Mysteriously, a transparent figure sat by his side playing the piano.It was the ghost of his dead wife.She gave him one final kiss goodbye and then evaporated into thin air.

In a flash,his mind stopped for a moment and focused on a devastating part of his life.He was a medic in world war two and he was on the scary but dangerous battlefield with his brother.”No don’t go,there is too many out there” the old man shouted in an angry voice.”Don’t worry I’ll be fine”(brother gets shot.)The man couldn’t save his wounded brother.He was left to rot in a little pit of dirt.A tear dropped down from the man’s cheek.Guilt rushed through the man’s mind.

Begging  Praying for happiness, the man witnessed another awful memory but this time it was less unhappy.He grew younger and younger and younger until…he was a little happy boy.He was gifted with his favorite toy,a toy horse.He galloped on his horse like usain bolt.He grew older,older and older until he had to hand his toy horse over to his grandson.His grandson then galloped to the piano where his granddad was playing that sad tune.Him and his grandson both played the last note of the tune.


I saw the door had opened a crack I entered the shop it was filthy.?   I saw my doll and went to get it but I kicked a doll accsurdently it made a brake for the door BANG.?   Touched the doll and I saw a new world flash before me and I was the doll and I saw a new doll at the window “NOOOOOOOOO.!” shimmered Alma  I saw the doll it had red hear and red dress

diary entry of zinc dude

I woke up which felt like an eternity of parylised fear, i saw a man i only heard of in my dreams. He looked friendly so he told me he wanted to be my friend  so i shook his gigantic hand. First we played pong i won, he raged and stomped of. I asked to play in the remote controlled car, we played. Next we played skydiving with a napkin, he said that we were best friends and to never betray each other. When i walked in he was on  the computer  looking for people like me BETRAYLE why i asked he didn’t answer  he then chucked me in a gloomy dark room i turned my back on the door millions of them trajicly torched by the self centred man this was the end for me.




Imagine a town when crystal white snow covered the deserted path; Were empty streets made no noise; Where skinny streets twist and turn: This is a story about that undiscovered town…

It was my 11th BIRTHDAY!… My name was Alma… Suddenly, I noticed a old fashioned door had slowly opened it. I stealthy crept forward. I gently pushed the heavy door open so that I could silently squeeze through the gap in the door… I found myself in a dark and ancient, dusty and rusty room. I looked up and the crumbling shelves. Dolls. Creepy Dolls! I saw a doll that looked exactly like me! My insidious like doll was in front of me. I slowly but carefully reached to get it but I stopped as I trod on a weird looking bike doll. I picked it up so it could ride around but it went into the door. BANG! The door slammed shut! I stared at it for a second then looked back at the doll. It was gone! Suddenly I rushed to the shelves to see if it was there. I was! I reached for it…

I stretched every muscle in my little body. My out-reached fingers glimpsed my INSIDOUS like doll and touched its nose! I could just find it. Suddenly, I had memories rushed through my mind. Weirdly, I was in the dolls perspective. I looked around and saw a beautiful doll with ruby red hair… It was the next victim! I thought to myself that I had to warn her and to get her not to follow my foot steps. I had to do something it was almost like when I followed someone in the toy shop…


Suddenly out of nowhere the door crept open i slowly walked towards the door i squeezed through the gap. There it was my doll was standing on the table . But out of nowhere i stubbed my toe on a weird doll when i put it on his wheels the doll quickly cycled to the door but when it got there the door slammed on him . When i glanced at the table creepily the doll was gone i looked everywhere even under the table. I looked at the shelf there it was looking in the distance of the shop i went on the stool I bit my glove of to reach it

I stretched my fingers with all my strength i felt my dolls nose . My fingers slowly skimmed the dolls nose. Majestically the world started to change.I started to have loads of flashbacks i was blinded . Started  to blink my vision started to come back i saw everything. Dolls where behind me they teleported  inside  the body’s i tried moving but it was no use. I saw another doll come up shouted no but now one could hear me




After I writ my name on the old squeaky black board I through a snowball at the old looking door because I was annoyed and frustrated that I wouldn’t open , and then it opened. I went inside the creepy 100 year old doll shop to find my long lost self doll but there were loads of creepy old, and new looking dolls. You could see bright, ones dark ones and ones with big hats and many more. Yes I had found my doll on the main table right in the centre of the room. I went to stretch for it until I accidently knocked over a small doll on a bicycle, I picked it up and then it cycled to the door to try escape but the door slammed shut and he was just banging on the door still trying to get out. I was scared now. I looked back at the table and the doll had gone it had teleported to the very top shelf m mind was blown. The next thing I remembered was when I reached for the doll and then…

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Suddenly,i noticed the door had opened inches just for me to squeeze in through the was a dark and gloomy room,dolls were on every shelf staring down at me.i glimpsed my lookalike doll ,i reached out for it ,i was stopped i trod a toy old man on a bicycle on the floor i gently put him back upright.He sped like lightning towards the door on his tiny bicycle.BANG! the door slammed just  as he was about to get out.iT was like he was trapped .when i looked back she wasnt there i saw her on the shelf i reached up and tapped her nose all of a sudden i had the vview of where the doll was my breath was cold my heart was beating i couldnt do anything. another doll appeared with red hair was this the next victim? i wonder if shell follow my steps.



It was winter, and there was snow everywhere, you could barely see the ground. I was skipping down the street going home from school. It was my 11th birthday so I had to write my name on the chalk board right in the middle of the town. As soon as I turned around I saw a doll had appeared in the black stained window. It looked exactly like me. I ran to the window to take a closer look at it. I looked down to get something and I looked back up and it had disappeared. I looked in the door and it was on the middle table in the room staring out the black stained window. I tried to get in the door but it was locked completely so I couldn’t get in it. I made a snow ball because I was angry. And I threw it at the door, when I started walking away, the creaky door slowly opened…

I ran to the creaky door, I went inside the rusty ancient shop. When I looked around the shop I could not see any part of the wall, because they were covered in dolls. I crept to the table to get the doll that looked exactly like me. But on the way I accidentally trod on a doll that was on a bicycle. It tried to full speed out the door but it the door slammed shut.

Alma story

Imagine a town were snow covered the ground;were empty streets make no noise;were narrow streets twists and tern ;this is a story about that town.I was on my way home with snow crunching under my foot  feet.I stopped to reach far into my tiny coat pocket to get some chalk so I could write my name on the blackboard.

 ThenI saw a doll behind the glass in the shopwent towards it and wiped the icy glass and the doll looked like me so I went to the door and tried opening it but it did  not open so i got some snow and though it at the door then……

Suddenly, i I noticed the door opened behind me and i opened the door more and saw my doll on a stool i I looked back and looked back again  and the doll was gone i I looked every where and then i I looked up and it was on the top shelf so thenI ran to the still sofa and reached to my dolls nose and then i I hade flash back and i I was in the doll.


Suddenly the door flung open and as I ran to it I enter  the  weird and un usual building with the  hideas  dolls every where as. I walked to wards my doll I stepped on something sharp. It was a doll as I picked it up it zoomed round me and maid a break for the door it slammed loudly on the little dolls face. As I turned to grab my doll was gone.  I  loocked around the strange room I saw my prise I started to climb higher  and  higher getting nearer and nearer as I skimmed the small dolls nose I….
I started having visions that I could not describe.  As they stoped I locked around the room as I saw a new doll wizzing up to the windindow.  I realised that I was a doll and she was the next victim. this was the end for me .H.E.L.P

My story Alma

One day there was a little girl called Alma walking back from school but her parents were not in. So she dicided to play on the streets till her parents got back. Suddenly she walked past a China doll shop and behind her it said RIGHT YOUR NAME!!! So she did. Then her she heard a loud creaking noise behind her. She turned around and there was a doll that was identical to her she ran up to it, Alma rubbed her orange glove up againsed the hand ridden window so she could see  igsacly what the identical to her doll was wearing. It was dressed igsacly what Alma was wareing. Alma was confused. Then in the corner of her eye the doll vanished.” What? ” Alma thought. Alma went to open the door but she couldn’t because of this Alma got frustrated so she throw a giant snow ball at the window on the door. She stormed off. Then out of know were the door opened a slight crack she walked over in confusion. ” what is going on I couldn’t open it a minute ago so why should it open now? Expelshily  on its own.” Alma walked up to the door. She went in. She saw her doll on a big cabinet. As she took a foot step she acidently stood on another doll on a old fashond bike so Alma needled down and stood it back up as fast as a rocket it raced to the door but before the doll could get there the door slammed shut. BANG!! But before she could get up the doll was relentlessly riding into the door. BOOM!! BANG!! BOOM!! BANG!! Then yet again the doll vanished she looked every were but she just couldn’t find it. Finally Alma found the doll. She skipped over to it and pulled her orange glove off with her watery mouth and reached to the top shelf. Gently she skimmed her index finger across the dolls nose. All of a sudden flash backs of the last few minutes ran into her mind then she noticed she was on the top shelf with her body refusing to move. Oh no!😱 she realised she was in the dolls body… Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More writen episodes  to come😀