THE bare and the hare

As the leaves fell,autumn breeze whistled through the forest. Below the tall and golden trees, a blanket of colorful leaves covered the forest floor. Happily two friends strolled through the forest, the brown bear with his best friend Hare on his back. They enjoyed their walks together but they both feared that their time was nearly up, at least for this xyear

A small unique snowflake floated down and landed on the bears wet nose. He yawned slowly with exhaustion. the Hare ears drooped to the ground and her eyes widened with tears. She just knew it was time to hibernate.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful snowy Christmas tree. They saw their excited friends adding the first decorations to the tree. The bear felt sad because he couldn’t take part. Just the same as every other year.

Tears slowly rolled down hares face as her best friend walked away. Under the silvery moonlight, bear curled up in his cold and damp cave. He slept for weeks. .The weather changed into golden autumn into white winter.

Running like the wind, Hare crossed the moonlit river. She felt excited because she had a small present in her mouth. When she entered the cave she placed the present down in front of the door way.

On Christmas morning hare woke up of the sound of laughter . Pushing her tears away. As she looked around , she watched the animals opened and enjoyed their presents but she did not feel the Christmas joy.

Scanning the horizon, bear stood  up and saw the sun glazing into the tree. The hare was so excited that her best friend had  appeared . travelled down the slippery snow to begin his first Christmas. Everyone gathered around him and hare galloped on his back.

Meanwhile beyond the towering mountain, a bell rang from the bears cave with rapping paper underneath. The mystery of the bear woke up on Christmas day


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