The Bear and the Hare

As the leaves fell, the autumn breeze whistled through the forest. Below the tall and golden trees a blanket of colourful leaves covered the forest floor. Happily two friends strolled through the forest. the brown Bear had his best friend Hare on his back. They were both afraid that their time was nearly up.

A small, unique snowflake floated down and landed on the bears wet nose. He yawned slowly in exhaustion. The Hare looked up at the Bear one last time. Her ears flopped down in sadness as tears filled her eyes.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful Christmas tree they saw their friends placing the first few touches to the Christmas tree all the other animals were very excited to decorating there were only a few things up like some ball balls. The Bear was upset that he couldn’t take part in decorating.

Slowly tears dropped from the Hare’s cheek onto the frosty floor. As she sat and watched her best friend walk away for his winter sleep. They both new that they wouldn’t see each other all winter. As the Hare thought that the Bare didn’t care that he would sleep all winter and leave her with no one to open their presents with the Bear was finding it very difficult to hold in all his tears.

Day after day, night after night the Bear slept in his damp, dark and cold cave. As he slept the weather changed from golden autumn into cold harsh winter. And other animals were getting ready for Christmas by rapping presents and finishing the tree.

Running like the wind the Hare crossed the frozen river and ran on the unstable log. She felt excited to see her best friend even if he couldn’t see her. She was carrying a small surprise for him. AS she got to his cave , she saw her best friend asleep he was curled up into a big ball. She placed the gift at the entrance of the cave and left.

Hearing the sound of laughter the Hare sat down all by her self in front of the beautiful Christmas tree that was finished. She watched her friends open their presents and play with them. All the others were happy.

Scanning the horizon for any sign of her best friend. Bear saw how wonderful the tree looked now it was finished. The Hare was over the moon to spend the first Christmas with Bear. Everyone was happy to see Bear.

Quickly gathering the Bear all his friends greeted him. Hare galloped over to her best friend and jump on his back. They were once again reunited. They both felt like they were going to explode with joy.

From far away the animals could hear a mysterious ticking sound. Over the hills and mountains lay a newly unwrapped alarm clock. The mystery of how Bear had his first Christmas was now solved. It was thanks to his best friend Hare.

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