It was coming to the end of summer, when bear and hare were strolling through the woods towards the huge Christmas tree. Bear was giant and slow but hare was tiny and agile. Suddenly the snow flakes floated to the ground – winter had begun. Bear looked up,softly a single snow flake floated down and landed on bear’s nose. Bear and hare both new what was coming. Hare’s smile slowly turned upside down:his heart thumping: tears turning to icicles. He looked down at the floor and they carried on walking. They finally reached the huge Christmas tree, witch was decorated with anything you could imagine(decoration wise) then hare smiled with a heavy heart as he remembered it would be another lonely Christmas.

They came to the top of the snowy hill near the tree. Bear started to turn around , then out of the blue hare started hopping around like his tail was on fire. He told bear that he didn’t have to go into hibernation. This could be the Christmas he wouldn’t miss. But bear didn’t answer and in the matter of just moments bear had almost completely dispersed into the woods. He walked across the fallen tree that went over the river and into his cave.

Weeks went passed and finally Christmas eve came around hare ran quietly to bears cave. It was rosy red with a light green bow. Early the next morning hare still felt lonely. Although  he was surrounded by animals it wasnt the same without bear. Suddenly all the animals peered behind hare. He turned. It was bear. He was staring at the huge Christmas tree as day light shone on him. He hopped quickly and jumped on bear’s back. Together they walked over.

But the animals weren’t sure how bear got up. So hare told them that how his gift to bear was the gift of time. Bear thanked him. He said that now he could enjoy Christmas every year.


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