The bear and the hare !

One freezing but sunny day, in the massive woods was a giant, brown bear and a and a small, cute, white hare strolling through the centre of the woods. Summer was coming to an end and it was starting to get really icy and freezing cold as the snow flakes slowly and softy fell to the ground. The hare was really exited because it was nearly Christmas but bear was getting tired and ready to hibernate in his dark, gloomy cave. From out of the woods sat a massive Christmas tree that all the animals had decorated.

Hare took one look at the beautiful Christmas tree that all the animals had decorated and then looked back at bear. BEAR HAD GONE… He had almost disappeared into the gigantic woods. Bear strolled across the fallen tree that went over the clear blue river and into his dark cave. THE WEEKS CHANGED.

It was now Christmas eve, and hare felt sorry for bear, so he slowly hopped to bears cave, he places a present that was wrapped in a red box with green ribbon around it, out side of his cave. Weeks passed and it was finally Christmas day and hare was with all of the animals, but he still felt all alone and sad. 1Hare started  looking around the Christmas tree, all of a sudden hare saw bear strolling towards the Christmas tree ,hares face lit up and bear finally sees what a Christmas tree is. All the animals are celebrating “YEAH YEAH ” Hare was really happy as well as the other animals he had his best- friend back. The thing that brought bear to the Christmas tree was a beautiful alarm clock.

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