the bear and the rabbit john Lewis advert/2013

As the autumn leaf drifted down to the frosty forest floor crunching under the bears wide paws. The snow white rabbit was sat on the huge bears board shoulders  swiftly they both made there way across the bright and courlerful forest  the brown bear feard that his  time was nearly up !

as a small unique snowflake floteded rabbit wanted down and landed a the bears wet black nose. He yawned with tiredness loudly. the rabit was worried  that he would never see his best friend again.

as the rabit sprinted off the bear was left trailing behind. As he finaly caught up they both came to the Christmas tree  they looked at people decorating the tree but bear was to tired to even care about it.

as the tired walked bough the back to his cave throught the terrible snow storm “STOP” shouted the rabit but it was to late he was to far away to hear as he sat in the freasing snow pushing one of her tears back up his face.

day after day night after night the bear slept motionless. iceocles fell on the cave entrance he was dreaming no dreams he was in hibonation no boudy cold stop him . his cave was dark and gloomy.

one night as darkness fell a small white rabbit sprinted across the old brige log
and droped a well raped gift on his cave door step as he sprinted off into the darkness he know it would work.

as the rabbit came sat next to the grand Christmas tree see all his friend opening presents waiting to see if it would work deprest and angry he thougt he would miss it again

as the ancshus bear came trouging up the hill his eyes met with the Christmas tree and then with rabbits eyes they were so happy. the bear was so happy that  he had finally
seen Christmas and so happy to see his best friend the rabbit.

the silver alarm clock was the thing that the sneaky rabbit left him to wake him up.


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