As the rusty leaves  floated like feathers, the autumn breeze whistled through the trees ,a blanket of leaves covered the forest floor.Swiftly,two friends strolled through the dark forest.The dark brown bear ,who had the hare on his back,sloped her off his unique back.

A pure white snowflake drifted like a piece of paper onto the bears wet nose. He yawned slowly with exhaustion. They both knew the bear had to go into hibernation.

Whilst the two friends walked towards the beautiful Christmas tree,they saw their friends adding the first decorations

Frozen to the spot, slowly tears drove down the hares face as her best friend walked away.The snow fell flat to the ground like it was super-glued to the floor.

Day after day, night after night the bear still lay sleeping as the weather changed from golden autumn to cold wet winter around him.He lay in a dark gloomy cave.

One night,as darkness fell, the hare sprinted like a jaguar to her friends cave.Running like the wind,the hare crossed the moonlit river.she felt excited with joy. She left the present at the entrance and jumped into the night.

as she lay watching animals opening there presents as she waits for the surprise. while animals played with presents she sits pushing her tears away.

As the sun rose the bear stood looking in amazement having never seen Christmas before so it was a amazing surprise. But the mystery is how did he wake up for Christmas…..

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