#100 word challenge

This is a competition with me. Where everyone has to write a post called 100 word. Which as you could probably guess can only have 100 words in it. The winner will get a special prize presented from yours truly himself so everyone start typing!


Mysteriously the door crept open as slow as a slug.  Alma was confused the doll kept on teleporting. All of a sudden the doll disappeared.as she was staring at the terrifying shop, she suddenly stood on a doll on a bike . She pushed it ,it tried to escape. In a blink of a eye it was gone. All of a sudden she felt like she was being watched.She turned around… it was there, up on the shelf. suddenly she was at risk she reached up it was to tall. Alma was determined to get the doll she wasn’t going to give up. Alma was smiling at the doll but deep inside her mined she knew she was doing something wrong. She was scared about to run she thought in her mined ” I have come to far I must carry on nothing can happen to me!.” All of the dolls eyes mysteriously turned and stared at her AHHH!!!





my first game for my football team

All of the team met at are pitch and then we would start to get ready for the game/my first game.Then we would do some running to worm up and then we would do some parsing. Lincoln was captain we all got into formation. Luckily we got kick of. The presser was on hart pawn ding; blood raising; the game started. I got the ball i ran with it i past to Leo he smashed it to Harry he shot the defender and then it went out for a fro in so Leo took it he threw it to me and then i got studied in the leg. This is it for me…

Gary Neville


Dear Gary Neville

My name is Jamie white and I am writing to you because we are have a amazing opening of our new building on Thursday 22nd October (Winton primary school). Our school is good at all subject: English, maths and PE!.I know you lost in the world cup with England team because Maradona hand ball went over Seaman.But you are the best right back ever!









my nerf blog

My first nerf blaster was the strongarm. The day I got the blaster was so cool but that wasn’t really my first blaster – it was the recon cs-6. It was a good blaster. It had to go back to the shop. I was so sad. I got a new blaster a couple of months ago: the strongarm it is amazing. I love it. Opening it was so cool. A rush of excitement flowed through me. I got the blaster out of the box then the darts. I shot the blaster. IT WAS AWSOME!


As the sun shone Alma came jumping about in her swimming costume ready for a swim, until she past a doll shop with a beautiful doll that she really wanted. she opened the door and walked in with happiness.

She touched the doll and BAM she is freezing cold and wet because she ended up in a place with a big castle of where it rains.

she walks in the castle for shelter and DUN DUN DUNNNNNN her head got bit by a wolf.

A review on 3DTUNING.

Hi, I’m Elliott the elephant and I’m here to show you the colossal world of 3DTUNING.

3DTUNING receives about 14268 unique visitors and 58497 page views per day which should earn about $114.14/day from advertising revenue. The site value is $191,456.59 (I couldn’t get it to translate to English pounds).  3DTUNING is ranked number 43,486 in the world and 0.0031% of global Internet users visit it. That’s ALOT for a website that not many people visit.

3DTUNING Is a interactive web page much like these BLOGS, you get to pick a pacific car (EG, VW 2003 BEETLE ). Did I tell you that you  get to customize pacific bits your car say you put an awesome front bumper and a massive spoiler it would change the appearance of the car and the effect, in my eyes that is perfect.

Also In Armenia,  it is ranked 1,226.  AWSOME!!!

By , Elliott The Elephant….


Suddenly the door creaked open and of course Alma went in there, there  was hundreds of creepy dolls who were looking at Alma but then Alma saw the doll it was gazing straight at at Alma . Heart pounding; leaking eyes; legs shivering.Excited, she looked up and there it was the doll standing on the table Alma’s face was happy. Alma walked in and stood on a doll on a bike. The doll on the bike had eyes like a devil. Then the bike got up and kept bashing into the door Alma looked at the doll on the bike then turned around and the doll of Alma has gone.Alma looked all around for the doll but couldn’t see the doll any were. she was confused . she looked every were . Then out off her reach she saw the doll  on the top shelf. She tried to reach up but she couldn’t.  Then  she climes  up the self’s and then reached out and tried to grab the doll but she really couldn’t. you could here the self cracking. she hoped  the shelf’s wouldn’t brake.Alma reached out and touched the nose off the doll . Then she got her hand stuck in  the doll. How did that happen? She looked all around the shop with her eyes because she couldn’t move her body. She looks at the window of the shop. there was a new doll popping up. The next victim  nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!





block paridice…or prison?chapter 1


I was sat at my new computer playing on Minecraft trying to kill the ender dragon when it crashed! Then just as the screen went black I felt an aggressive lurch knock me straight over onto the cold hard floor then just as I tried to get up a random dizyness stopped me and I fell onto the floor…

Alma the doll

Suddenly,the door creaked open behind her,excited Alma tip toed in the dusty shop. hundreds of creepy dolls was gazing at her as she slowly went in. heart pounding;legs shaking;face going red. slowly going towards the doll. dinging dinging Alma looked down on her feet she saw another small doll what looked like a vampire in a tricycle and a pale face with a black suit. she slowly picked him up and placed him next to her,he zoomed racing for trying to get out but as soon as he got there the door slammed on hes face. Alma smiled as she looks up she notices the the doll is gone she searches around the room but she still cant find her.as she slowly looks up at the shelf she slowly sees the doll she stretches and takes off her gloves and stretcher for it.BAND she notice she cant move anything only her eyes she screams of sadness she looks around the room to see what she can do but there was nothing she screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed,until she saw another girl slowly rise up she was so shocked.


Slowly Alma sulked away in defeat. suddenly the door creaked open behind her. as Alma  creep ed in to the shop gazing at lifeless dolls she went to her soon to be prize possession. But she tripped over a pale faced wooden wind up  doll dressed in black on a bike. She picked it up and helped it up. Quickly the doll raced towards the old wooden door it was almost like it was trying to escape. she thought it was a wind up doll. she looked up it was gone… She was looking everywhere almost turning the room upside down but there was no sight of the doll. Alma looked up there it was up on the shelf surrounded by thousands of other dolls. Small ones big ones old ones even clowns. Quickly she ran to the  shelf as she climbed the doll on started banging harder and harder on the door. She reached and reached and then… Alma stretched all the muscles in her body to get the doll down. Then the dolls eyes went cross eyed as Alma took a deep breath  got sucked into a vortex of flash backs and the fut er. everything Stopped  she could not express how she was feeling she couldn’t move” HELP”!. But know one heard her she looked toward the window another doll appeared  with luscious red hair and a lovely dress.

How to look after your rabbit

If you have a pet rabbit it is very important that you look after it properly. Remember A well looked after rabbit is A happy rabbit.

You will need:

Food,a bowl for your rabbits food,water,water bottle,cage,hay,straw,saw dust,litter tray,toys and finally treats.

  1. First put some saw dust into the cage then put the hay and straw in. After that put the toys food and water in. Also remember to put the litter tray in the cage

2. Now you can put your rabbit in to its home. You can now give your rabbit a treat.


3. You rabbit will need a place to run.You can ether put your rabbit in you house,if you do cover all wires because rabbits love eating wires. Or you can let them run around in the garden.

I hope these tips will help you look after your rabbit.

#why Mr Wilson is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I’m Sam and this is my first ever blog and lets kick it off with a bang. There’s no better way to start than telling the whole world that Mr Wilson is the greatest teacher ever! First Mr Wilson likes football so straight away he’s the best (duh obviously) Secondly Mr Wilson always encourages us to work even if we don’t feel like It, also at the end of each term we get a treat. This term we are having Christmas party games.Next he does an amazing adventure story at the end of the week which is always exciting. After that Mr Wilson does lots of fun things like this doing blogs. we have not been in 6JW, but I’m going to speak for the class “we all love it!!!!”                          

why i love football so much

The total reason why i adore football is because the pure aspect of the sport. With the shooting, passing, tackling and saving, this sport is such an art.

Firstly football is my desire. The heroes of the game are a inspiration to Me and many other children.The debate between Messi and Ronaldo is far from done and everyone is waiting for the answer. Being a striker as I am, scoring goals is my main target. A mixture of Zidane, Depay and Cantona, is my true dream player but that’s a long way away. You never know.

Chelsea. wow, what a club. The curling free-kick on Willian’s strike is impossible to describe. As well as that, there’s hazards silky skills that can get past even the most talented defenders.Now lets talk about 1 signing. Don’t even get Me started on falcao. What a rubbish signing that was. Such a waste of money.

well that’s the end of WHY I LOVE FOOTBALL

your sincerely

Kaden, the football geek

The piano

Imagine a man as lonely as can be, when all the is in his mind is sad moments, when sulking day after day this is a story a old man . Desperately waiting for a visit the man reminded the time when he had friends. This the piano.

As he played the piano, his wife gently kissed him smoothly. Whilst thoughts rushed swiftly through his mind his wife appeared. He though his mined finally she’s back. He smiled with glee for the first time in months.