how can something so tiny?

The capacity of drives have grown exponentially over time. When hard drive become available for personal computer’s, they offered 5 megabytes capacity. During mid-1990s the typical hard disk drive for PC had a capacity of about 1 gigabyte. As of December 2014, desktop hart disk drives typically had captivity from 500 to 400 gigabytes, while the largest captivity where 8 terabytes. How can something so small hols so much data. Along time ago storage devise’s are huge now there more storage is such small drives. Over the years storage devise’s have got smaller witch people think is imposable witch isn’t witch is surprising for me anyway.

Alma pt 2

Scared and confused Alma toughed the doll with the lightest tough she has ever done. SWOOSH BANG! trapped. Staring at the shop and only the shop forever. How can could hat be? Glimmering and shining a new doll appeared “NOOOOOOOOO”  the shop was getting more cramped. One week later Alma saw her sister her sister ,Amber, enters the shop  her sister knew exactly what was going on she didn’t fall for anything Amber picked up her sister and ran. The dolls chased Amber she was determined to get away from the dolls she knew nothing  was ok they going to die. .So she hid in a hole in a house and the dolls just ran street past hoe she was released


Mysteriously the door crept open as slow as a slug.  Alma was confused the doll kept on teleporting. All of a sudden the doll she was staring at the terrifying shop, she suddenly stood on a doll on a bike . She pushed it ,it tried to escape. In a blink of a eye it was gone. All of a sudden she felt like she was being watched.She turned around… it was there, up on the shelf. suddenly she was at risk she reached up it was to tall. Alma was determined to get the doll she wasn’t going to give up. Alma was smiling at the doll but deep inside her mined she knew she was doing something wrong. She was scared about to run she thought in her mined ” I have come to far I must carry on nothing can happen to me!.” All of the dolls eyes mysteriously turned and stared at her AHHH!!!