About allissak

my name is allissa. i am a middle child i have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

How could something so small create such a big shadow?

It was Sunday afternoon,  and I was eating my lunch until I saw something in the shadows. What was it? I thought. It was defiantly something small because the shadow was about 7cm long. At first I was worried. This was because this was my new house and I’d never been there before. My mum and Dad were at work.

After 10 minutes the shadow still hadn’t disappeared. I began to get really worried. I decided to investigate what it was. As I went closer, I saw a gleaming light. It was a diamond! I thought ‘how could a diamond create a big shadow?’.

The poppies stand

In the fields,  poppies stand
row on row holding hands.
Looking up at the planes that fly
in the misty dark sky.

Poppies blowing in a square
here and there everywhere.
poppy seeds falling to the floor
they are growing more and more.

Never forget those who died
and there families  who cried and cried.
The poppies will remind
us of the bodies that we find.