About amys

hi my name is Amy .my favorite thing is wrestling .

The hare and the bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dancing , the sun rose over the trees as two friends strolled together without a worry in the world. The snow flake dropped from the sky on to the bears nose.

Happily the hair was hopping around excitedly because it was nearly Christmas and the bear was getting ready to sleep through Christmas. The hares face lightened with joy. The other animals were decorating the Christmas tree.

Sadness filled her heart as the hare gazed longingly at her friend. He was going to miss out again and go into his cave for Christmas. Strolling across the cold white snow , the unhappy bear disappeared into the distance.

The small dark cave was filled with loneliness. He was all alone in a deep deep sleep,  hours became  days became weeks, with nothing to disturb him.

The hare strolled over the frosty  log with the moon on the side of the water, into the cave to deliver a present to the bear because she felt sorry for him and didn’t want him to miss out on Christmas.

The hare was worried in case bear didn’t turn up for Christmas. Ears up; eyes wide and staring at nothing. The hare was sad because all of the other animals were opining there presents with there friend and she couldn’t open hers with her friend.

Suddenly on the horizon bear saw a Christmas tree for the first time. He filled up with joy.  The hare was happy ears up; eyes wide; and a happy face hares Christmas came true the bare returned.

Every animal was as happy as a bunny. They had all the animals together for Christmas and especially the hare and the bear was happy this Christmas.

The bear made Christmas this year and opened his Christmas presents with all of his friends. He had an amazing Christmas. Spread the Christmas wish and sprit this Christmas  



How can a alarm clock be so loud.

How can a alarm clock make so much noise. If you maybe have a late night the night before  you will fall straight to sleep and you might sleep through your alarm clock if its it’s not loud enough. so if its it’s loud you can get up early for work or school.I know some alarm clocks can be really noisy and some can be really quiet.when there really loud they can be so annoying. And when there quiet they can also be annoying because you cant here it so your late for work or school. It is extremely difficult to make sure i’m up on time.

dear diary

The most amazing  thing happened this morning i discovered i could fly. I  felt exited that i could fly. Imagine  were i could fly too.Think  of all of those places i could go to.  I’m nervous and scared, exited and happy .I could see all of the world i can feel the air. The air is fresh.


Suddenly the door creaked open and of course Alma went in there, there  was hundreds of creepy dolls who were looking at Alma but then Alma saw the doll it was gazing straight at at Alma . Heart pounding; leaking eyes; legs shivering.Excited, she looked up and there it was the doll standing on the table Alma’s face was happy. Alma walked in and stood on a doll on a bike. The doll on the bike had eyes like a devil. Then the bike got up and kept bashing into the door Alma looked at the doll on the bike then turned around and the doll of Alma has gone.Alma looked all around for the doll but couldn’t see the doll any were. she was confused . she looked every were . Then out off her reach she saw the doll  on the top shelf. She tried to reach up but she couldn’t.  Then  she climes  up the self’s and then reached out and tried to grab the doll but she really couldn’t. you could here the self cracking. she hoped  the shelf’s wouldn’t brake.Alma reached out and touched the nose off the doll . Then she got her hand stuck in  the doll. How did that happen? She looked all around the shop with her eyes because she couldn’t move her body. She looks at the window of the shop. there was a new doll popping up. The next victim  nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!