At war

In the war , the guns roar
tanks explode
people scream
while planes crash in the sky,
spitfire spits bullets
and bombers bomb houses

The navy launches missiles
and people throw grenades,
hiding in trenches,
ready for war.

To persuade Mr Tarchetti

Dear Mr Tarchetti

I am writing to you to ask if we can have are sprinkles treat by bringing sprinkles to school wile watching a film fore the after noon.

Firstly, we really disserve this treat as we are the top of the school and we work very hard. year 6 are a grate role model to the younger years.

my first game for my football team

All of the team met at are pitch and then we would start to get ready for the game/my first game.Then we would do some running to worm up and then we would do some parsing. Lincoln was captain we all got into formation. Luckily we got kick of. The presser was on hart pawn ding; blood raising; the game started. I got the ball i ran with it i past to Leo he smashed it to Harry he shot the defender and then it went out for a fro in so Leo took it he threw it to me and then i got studied in the leg. This is it for me…