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How to get to the end PT I

As of the 1.0 release Minecraft has an end.  The End has a  Dragons called the Ender dragon. This guide is for people  who want to visit The End and kill the Ender Dragon without weeks of building up an arsenal of potions and super-soldier enchantments.

Get to the End

This sounds pretty straight forward but is really the most time consuming part. As you may know you’ll need to access and use an Ender Portal located in one of the Strongholds made  in the game. To do this you need to combine Blaze powder from Blazes’ and Ender pearls from Endermen. The fastest way to do this is to make a trap for the Ender pearls and to just go kill about 12 blazes’. There’s no need to muck about in minecraft at this point, but if you want to die in lava go ahead. .

Once you have enough Blaze powder and Ender pearls, combine them to make Eye of Ender. You’re going to need quite a bit to be successful here, as it usually takes about twelve Eye of Ender to activate an End Portal and even more to successfully find the portal.

To find an End portal simply throw your Eyes of Ender in the air and follow them where they go. An Eye of Ender usually has about three to five throws in it before it breaks so use them wisely.

Once you’re at the end portal, you’ll need to fill in each slot with an Eye of Ender (at least twelve.) Here is a picture.

Tips for Finding Strongholds

  • Strongholds usually occur between 600 and 1000 Y on any given generated map. Be prepared to travel long distance.
  • Since Ender pearls break often, I suggest moving 40 blocks or more between each throw.
  • As SOON as an Ender pearl no longer floats as high as the other ones , you’ve most likely found it!

Some Things You’ll Need

Now that you’ve plunged into the End and are ready for some Dragon blood on your sword, I should warn you, without enchantments and potions this can be hard. Be prepared to take your time with this boss battle, as you’ll need to be thinking tactically.

What i think you should take!:

  • Diamond armor and diamond swords (at minimum)
  • Diamond pick axe (optional)
  • Bow and lots of arrows(as a minimum)/ or get infinity,
  • Food
  • Obsidian
  • Water buckets(To kill the Endermen)

If you would like the next part please tell me, in the comments’.

(I worked on this since the start of ICT i would like critical/lots of feed back in case a bit doesn’t make sense or i’m grammatically incorrect )

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A review on 3DTUNING.

Hi, I’m Elliott the elephant and I’m here to show you the colossal world of 3DTUNING.

3DTUNING receives about 14268 unique visitors and 58497 page views per day which should earn about $114.14/day from advertising revenue. The site value is $191,456.59 (I couldn’t get it to translate to English pounds).  3DTUNING is ranked number 43,486 in the world and 0.0031% of global Internet users visit it. That’s ALOT for a website that not many people visit.

3DTUNING Is a interactive web page much like these BLOGS, you get to pick a pacific car (EG, VW 2003 BEETLE ). Did I tell you that you  get to customize pacific bits your car say you put an awesome front bumper and a massive spoiler it would change the appearance of the car and the effect, in my eyes that is perfect.

Also In Armenia,  it is ranked 1,226.  AWSOME!!!

By , Elliott The Elephant….