The Bear And The Hare

Dancing, the sun gleamed over the autumn leaves, as two friends strolled along the muddy path without a worry in the world. As the Bear reached for a yawn, a pure whit snowflake fell like the wind onto the Bears fluffy white nose. Ears folded, head down: the Hares eyes were filled with tears, she knew it was time for the Bear to hibernate.

Without a second to waste the Hare hopped to an open piece of land and the Bear followed. Suddenly, he saw a tree being decorated. Not knowing what the other woodland creatures were doing the Bear looked at the Hare in confusion.

As the Bear walked off to hibernate, tears ran down the Hares fragile face. She knew the Bear would miss Christmas once more.

As many  days went by the Bear was still sleeping. The nights became mornings and the winter grew colder by the minute. The Hare still caring, she felt he would miss the heart of Christmas and thought she needed to do something about it. She decided to give him a gift, a gift that would make him know what he was missing out on.

As the Hare grew more and more worried that the Baer would still miss Christmas, all of a sudden a light of hope struck her heart. The Bear came walking up over the hill and saw the lit up Christmas tree !

Everybody gathered around the Bear. The Hare jumped the Bears back where she belonged. Now Christmas could finally begin.

A little clock could make a big difference for a Bear this winter.