# 100 word challenge by James how could something be so tiny

How writing ninety nine words in a one hundred word challenge could make a massive difference.  As you know a one hundred word challenge isn’t much words but if you write ninety nine words and you cant think of one more every thing can go wrong. You might have to start all over again.

If you have to start all over again then you have to think of a completely different subject which could take long time so that’s why you have to think of something small and it also makes sense. This is why writing ninety-nine words is big.

Bonfire night

After queen Elizabeth 1st died in 1603. James 1st was not more tolerant than Elizabeth and 13 men took it into their own hands.

Those men thought violence was the answer. A small group formed and their leader was Robert Catesby. He thought that blowing up the houses of parliament, killing the king and the prince of wales was also on their mind, they stored 36 barrels of gun powder most of the group had second thoughts as it would hurt innocent people. Guy Fawkes was caught and executed. yeo men of the guard searched the palace. The queen still observes this tradition.

The letter to the priminister.


Dear Mr David Cameron.

My name is James and I am writing to ask if you could come to our outstanding School (Winton primary) on the 22nd October 2015.

Our school is an extremely  hard working place were we share our ideas. We will be choosing celebrities that we think have used growth mindset. You are the priminister which shows a lot of intelligence. How would you like it if you were let down by a celebrity?

I have chosen you as a role model because you use you intelligence to make Britain, a well known country, a better place. Consequently, your arrival will give us extra confidence because it will show that we’ve worked hard enough given for you to come, You could have given up but you showed determination and persistence took you to the next level and made you priminister. Because of this, I would be happier than most if you could come to our new building. However if you don’t you will make me truly upset and you’ll regret it.

In addition, if you could be kind enough to send us some signed pictures of your amazing achievements to show what could happen if we worked hard enough. you will be remembered for future generations.

Thank you for reading this letter and I hope I have persuaded you join are very important celebration on October 22nd. How could you not come? we all know you want to.

your sincerely James wade.