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I'm interested in a lot of stuff but mainly football. my target is to have bigger hand writing AND FOR IT TO BE CLEAR

………………………………….how could something so tiny……………………………………………………………………..

How could something so tiny effect the planet? That’s the question! Every start of a motor effects the future of our population. Each microscopic particle of pollution, dust and smoke can effect our well being.

No smoking! People should remember that rule of life because if we don’t , even the tiniest particle can destroy our body’s health or even the health of animals. This is the lesson we need to learn. Saving our planet means saving our future.

So together as one we can save the planet once and for all.

thanks for listening to my blog!

by kaden Hamerston  

the Zink story

Glaring at the life changing, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My happiness flashed before me. Despite this tragedy, I tried to create a smile. But I couldn’t! Depressed and angry, frustrated and afraid, I prepared for the future. Praying for happiness, It changed to a nightmare. In a blink of an eye, a colossal hand shadowed over me. reckless: it snatched me by the collar. A few moments later Leapt for freedom, but there was know use. I began to get nervous; heart thumping, tears dripping; hands shaking. this was the end! In a shot of a bullet, I was chucked into a sea of darkness. The door slammed behind me.

why i love football so much

The total reason why i adore football is because the pure aspect of the sport. With the shooting, passing, tackling and saving, this sport is such an art.

Firstly football is my desire. The heroes of the game are a inspiration to Me and many other children.The debate between Messi and Ronaldo is far from done and everyone is waiting for the answer. Being a striker as I am, scoring goals is my main target. A mixture of Zidane, Depay and Cantona, is my true dream player but that’s a long way away. You never know.

Chelsea. wow, what a club. The curling free-kick on Willian’s strike is impossible to describe. As well as that, there’s hazards silky skills that can get past even the most talented defenders.Now lets talk about 1 signing. Don’t even get Me started on falcao. What a rubbish signing that was. Such a waste of money.

well that’s the end of WHY I LOVE FOOTBALL

your sincerely

Kaden, the football geek