About Laura

hi i am amazing and awsome and the best and fav animal is flamingo and did you know when flamingos are born and when they eat salmon they turn pink (awesome isn't it )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bear and the hare!

The bear and the hare trotted through the the frosted leafs that sat on the path in the forest. Two friends hugged together without a care in the world. The forest path was as white as clouds that are in the air. As the bear looked up, a little snowflake fell on the bears nose. The bear remembered about his hibernation and then the hares ears fell backwards with sadness.

The hare took the bear for some Christmas decorating with the other animals. The bear was so tired so he went off passing the wooden log that layed across the river. The other animals, that where selfish, opened their presents with joy. Whilst the hare just looked at everyone.

The bear started his hibernation, and the hare started feeling un-loved and abandoned. The bear was still in his hibernation, hours became days, days became weeks as the bear slept dreaming of the day he’d wake up.

The hare jumped up on the log to the bear, so that he could give him his gift. Hoping that he would wake up for Christmas, he put the gift down on the snow so that the bear could open it.

The hare looked at everyone with his ears falling back, as they opened the special gifts that they got from their friends. The hare’s ears lifted up with joy seeing the bear with a big smile on his face.

They all gathered round the bear and the hare jumped up onto the bear’s back. Everybody had fun with Christmas and their presents. Everybody ran around with their friends round the Christmas tree and played especially the hare as the clock was ticking.

How tadpoles grow

Mum frogs lay frog spawn(eggs)that hatch and looks like a tadpole,after a couple of weeks they grow arms and after another couple of weeks they grow legs after they grew legs and arms they turn into a green slimy frog.

How to laugh the longest

To know how to laugh the longest needs loads of time to practice. It’s important to laugh everyday because you will definetely know that your body is awake.

You will need:

  • mouth

  • exerscises [with your mouth]

  • 1- To laugh the longest you need to practise alot.

  • 2-  You need someone to make you laugh or tickle you to help you with laughing the longest

  • 3-  Finally,if you think that your ready to give it a go then do it remember don’t give up and you will know that you will make it

  • Hope you have listened to what i said and have fun laughing.


We get sprinkles on the end of half term[I am taking a waffle delight]

On Fridays we have the aventure story but first we have to get quite a lot of death cards and what I mean by death cards is when we are good we get at least one or two death cards each lesson[I am called laughing Laura].

At the end of day[basikly end of Friday]we have a raffle box full of goodies and the person of the week puts their hand in the box and pick out sombody from the raffle box.

Mr Wilson picks a person of the week that has been working hard ,and improving their work.

On friday Mr Wilson picks a table of the week that hasnt distracted any one and so that people can see how hard that table has worked.

After every Maths lesson my teacher picks a Maths Wizard because they have been working hard and they didnt give up.

On the end of a literacy lesson Mr Wilson picks a literacy leader that shown good work and Purple polished it right because they listened.

Katy perry

My name is Laura Pchelka and I am writing to ask you if you could help my school[Winton Primary] on the 22nd October. Our school is creative and a imaginative school which works hard and never gives up.

If you came you would be the best role model and you would make our school the happiest place ever. Conseqeuntly,you would open the new building like a bang.

when you where singing you could of gave up but instead you showed determination to the whole world that you could do it. If you came I would be the happiest person ever.

Therefore,if you came we would love to have one of your albums for our assemblys when we go in and out to listen, also we would really like to hear you sing after you opened the new building.

Thank you for your time I hope you liked reading this letter and I hope you will come.

Yours sincerely

Laura Pchelka


As the sun shone Alma came jumping about in her swimming costume ready for a swim, until she past a doll shop with a beautiful doll that she really wanted. she opened the door and walked in with happiness.

She touched the doll and BAM she is freezing cold and wet because she ended up in a place with a big castle of where it rains.

she walks in the castle for shelter and DUN DUN DUNNNNNN her head got bit by a wolf.

How year 6 is like for 6 hours

9:00- Mr Wilson [our teacher] does the register every morning,after the register we start our spelling and when we done that we start our grammar when our teacher held up the stop sign.

9:15- We start English [YAY] about  drop in cluases or a tell show three it is very intresting when you actually are in the mood.

Then my faviorite subject of all is MATHS we learnt how to divide,subtract,times and add then we had to use bus stop and long division wich was boring but the next a bit better and the day after SMILY FACE.

We have assembly wich is even more boring than anything else we have to sit there for quite a long time but when i was in year 5 i sat on the hard floor and when i am a year 6 like now i sit on the cumfy benches [WHOOHOO].

we have play time and we get to go on the new play trail that the builders built for us [thank you builders],but unfortanutly there can only go 12 people at a time[HMMMMMMM].

Then we have topic which is really fun we got tuaght how to blog,get to do soltdough of a famous person [i done Ellie goulding]and make our own map which is really hard.

Then we finally have lunch [FINALLY] so we go outside and play with our friends we can go on the play trial is well but same rule applies 12 people at a time [ohhh].

At the end of the day we wait till the bell goes and when the bell does ring we go to the cloakroom and take our stuff for home time so we can go home.

when i go home i take my phone go upstairs to my room and phone to my friend lillie i really like it.