As the crudely bear strolled along the beautiful forest with his best friend hare,the danced though the golden leaves.Suddenly The first snow flake fell onto the bear’s wet nose.He yawned as if he was ready for hibernation .The was confused .

The hare was over the top exited for Christmas but the bear was calm and ready to go to sleep.At the top of the hill, they where overlooking the animals put up the Christmas decorations.”How could you be tiered at this time?”thought the hare as she grew sad that her friend wold miss Christmas.

The piano

Imagine a man as lonely as can be, when all the is in his mind is sad moments, when sulking day after day this is a story a old man . Desperately waiting for a visit the man reminded the time when he had friends. This the piano.

As he played the piano, his wife gently kissed him smoothly. Whilst thoughts rushed swiftly through his mind his wife appeared. He though his mined finally she’s back. He smiled with glee for the first time in months.