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DO YOU SPORT CHELSEA. My stuff im good at is sport aspeshly at football. Im try hard at spelling.

How to play minecraft !!! How can something so tiny but worth so much.100 word challenge!!!`

As soon as you spawn you will spawn in 32 different biomes. It might be  a desert biome or a dark oak biome, maybe it will be a jungle and a tone more. You cane find jems , diamond, gold,ruby, and you can  so on minecraft a peace of meat is like 5 golden nuggets. it sounds like a rip off but you could die by starvashon in 20 mins in real life but the meat is cooked  so you you have about  4 hunger bars. the best food is chicken because its from a small chicken its a helpful but easy to find them.

Alma pt2

She stretched every muscle in her body to touch the doll. Shaking, Alma touched the dolls face. A vortex swallowed her. Trapped, she franticly searched for answers as she now  sat on the shelf. Her soul was trapped inside the doll. How could she get up their? Surrounded by hundreds of over dolls Alma was caught like a fish. She looked towards the window . The next doll was reviled. The next victim.

The next day Dan ,  Kaden  and Luke (The spies) searched for alma because herm mum came to the police station to get someone to find her.  The 3 boys started the search they were ready guns just encase of a attack by the kidnapper or something else they were out on the search as soon as they were ready. They had to many gadgets but they were the strongest in the world and he Luke had bombes.



She stretched every mucsel in her body to touch the dole.shaking,Alma slowly tapped the doles face.a vortex swallowed her.Trapped she franticly searched for answers as now she sat on the shelf.Her sole was trapped inside the dole.How could she get up their?surrounded by hundreds of over doles Alma was caught like a fish.She looked towards the window.The next dole was reviled.The next victim.

So you get committed to fishing!!

To be successful at fishing you need to be committed to it. It’s important to be committed because it’s a great sport, that it is getting you out and in the fresh air.

You need a fishing licence if your 16 or over. Get a rod and a reel with 8 pound line because you may sag onto a big fish called a carp they can grow to around 90 pounds.

1.First you will need good eyesight and someone to go with you unless your older then 18-19 years old.

2.Secondly,you will need perseverance , patients and a snack because you may get hungry.

3.Bait is what the fish eat,get,maggots,sweetcorn or(brown)bread because white bread falls off when you cast.

4.Get floats and hooks that are size 18,very small if you cant tie knots  start with a size 5 or 6. 

5. Finally, get a 4 foot quiver tip rod you can get a fight out of any size of fish including a roach.

Now you have read this you go get this stuff now and you will be fishing.