Sequel to Alma!

In the old shop, another doll popped out but this time it was a boy in a football kit. In the blink of an eye you could see the boy running down the alleyway with white snow crunching under his feet. He picked  up the chalk and scribbled his name on the black board. He turned around and with a big smile on his face. He saw the doll in window which looked like a terrifying monster. He walked over to the door and pulled it and hoped it would open. With anger, he through a snow ball at the old wooden door. You could hear a huge bang when the snow ball hit the door. He was about to walk away but in the corner of his eye he saw it open…

He walked in, searching around the room, trying to find his doll. In the middle of the room…


100 word challenge!

How could something so tiny be worth so much. Diamonds are so tiny but they are worth so much and to be able to find them you need to do a lot of work. Diamonds are a rock when you find them and you need to do lots of work to get them to the form you want them to be. They are blue, shiny and magical. You can have them on rings and ear rings and used for lots of different things. Everyone wants them because they are very valuable and worth a lot. Lots of rich people have them. They are awesome!

The piano

When the old man returned to his piano , jet again, another memory was released. +Suddenly he got younger and younger , smaller and smaller . Just then he saw a  long present wrapped up in wrapping paper being give to him. He stanched it out of his hands and quickly unwrapped it . It was a . . . toy horse that he wanted since he was little . He took it out of the box and rid it around the room stepping on every panel on the floor . He was happy . Then he rid it around the black piano stall and suddenly from a ghostly figure it turned  into a the old mans grandson , which was wearing blue shorts and a green T-shirt with long sleeves , that sat on a black stall and tapped the last note of the song and then they turned their heads so they could and  smiled at each other.