About oliviak

Hi, my name is Olivia and I'm a talented gymnast if you like pug then email me to: www.wintonprimary.uk/blog/ hope to see how much you love gymnasticsxxx

100 word challenge

How could something so cute be really violent and be put to sleep if a pit ball was caught fighting or being violent. But if you raised them properly they wouldn’t be violent if raised from a puppy. If you have ever seen ┬áRSPCA animal rescue then you would see how truly violent they are if not raised from a puppy. If a police man saw your dog fighting or being violent you would be taken to court, if you were found guilty for dog fighting you would be put in jail its illegal. Call the police if spotted directly.

Teddy bear conversation

“Why are you so fluffy?” cried Timmy waving his arms in frustration.
Silence fell between the friends…
“I don’t know!” shrieked Charlie as he bundeled up on the back of the chair.
“Goodbye” bellowed Timmy as he stormed off.
“No don’t leave me in the dark on my own!” cried Charlie…