In his house eating toast, Billy thought it would be an ordinary day…. but it wouldn’t. Later that day Billy went to play football for his AMAZING team. He was wearing his lucky number 9 and his special Nike boots. Billy scored 5 goals and one was an overhead kick which was incredible. One of his shots didn’t go so well because… no one knows. After the match finished he went home and got a shovel to see what made him scuff it. he He went down there and the problem was a diamond. Two days later he was a millionaire and was famous.

My Work!

One of my favorite work so far was writing letters to celebrities that have growth mindsets as part of our topic. We wrote to them to ask if they could come and open our new building. Everything that is purple is improved.

Dear Aaron Cresswell                                                                                                                My name is Reece, I support West Ham, and I am writing to you to ask if you can help my school (Winton Primary School) to celebrate the opening of our new building on Thursday 22nd October. Our school is very friendly grateful and hard working which makes us intelligent. Our topic this term is about growth mindsets so we can improve. I chose you because I think you are the best and you also have a growth mindsets,which I am sure of.

I have chose you as a good role modal as I know that at the beginning of your West Ham career, you never got first team play because you never tried your hardest . Consequently, if you come I would probably cry in happiness. I believe that because you proved your point, I want to be like you and others agree. You could have given up and been on the bench all the time,but you didn’t. I would love it if you could come,but if not I would be mortified

In addition, it would be very appreciated if we could get some special gifts. We would be happy with anything from a picture to a singed shirt because how much of a epic guy you are.I believe that if you send us a West Ham shirt you will be loved at our school.

you very much for your time and I hope you can make our incredible celebration on October 22nd.How could you not want to be part of this?You are a great role model for younger children.

Yours sincerely Reece Duggan 6JW