Bear and the hare

On the last day of autumn the bear and the hare where taking a stroll as the rocks rolled. Running through the rocky forest, the hare was sat on the bears back. As the bear yawned suddenly the first snow flake fell on his nose.

As the bear looked at the hare and then at the tree. The bear walked of with out a care in the world.

The sad hare looked at her friend as he stormed back  to the dark and damp cave to hibernate.

Bear slept for days. as nights flow bye it snowed all day and night. He dreamt about playing with hare.

Hare hoped to the cave as the was going down, it glistened on the lake. She found him asleep and she left his present . Hare hoped through the cold Christmas night.

As she saw them opening presents, her ears were down. The snow flakes danced. suddenly, bear climbed up the snowy hill. He got to the top and saw the tree and his face lit up with joy.

Bear strolled up. Hare jumped on to bear’s back.

As the seconds ticked bye Christmas was a happy time.

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