The hare and the bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dancing , the sun rose over the trees as two friends strolled together without a worry in the world. The snow flake dropped from the sky on to the bears nose.

Happily the hair was hopping around excitedly because it was nearly Christmas and the bear was getting ready to sleep through Christmas. The hares face lightened with joy. The other animals were decorating the Christmas tree.

Sadness filled her heart as the hare gazed longingly at her friend. He was going to miss out again and go into his cave for Christmas. Strolling across the cold white snow , the unhappy bear disappeared into the distance.

The small dark cave was filled with loneliness. He was all alone in a deep deep sleep,  hours became  days became weeks, with nothing to disturb him.

The hare strolled over the frosty  log with the moon on the side of the water, into the cave to deliver a present to the bear because she felt sorry for him and didn’t want him to miss out on Christmas.

The hare was worried in case bear didn’t turn up for Christmas. Ears up; eyes wide and staring at nothing. The hare was sad because all of the other animals were opining there presents with there friend and she couldn’t open hers with her friend.

Suddenly on the horizon bear saw a Christmas tree for the first time. He filled up with joy.  The hare was happy ears up; eyes wide; and a happy face hares Christmas came true the bare returned.

Every animal was as happy as a bunny. They had all the animals together for Christmas and especially the hare and the bear was happy this Christmas.

The bear made Christmas this year and opened his Christmas presents with all of his friends. He had an amazing Christmas. Spread the Christmas wish and sprit this Christmas  




Deep in the sunny jungle there were two happy friends wondering in the wood. while the happy sun danced around them, not a single cloud to be seen.

Suddenly, a little snow flake fell on the bears nose as gently as a fether. Then he yawned as loud as he could getting ready for hibernation.

When the bear reached on top of the mountain he saw everyone getting ready for Christmas. Sadness filled his heart and he marched away alone. Whilst the hare was jumping around everywhere and having fun.

As the bear slowly wondered away the hare turned around and felt really sorry for the bear he wondered what she had done wrong.

Day after day week after week the bear slept and slept in his lonely dark cave, While the hare sat there waiting for him. The bear liked being lonely and did not  want to be with people.

The rabbit ran as fast as she could. to deliver the present for Christmas day. She put the present next to him inside his scary gloomy dark cave.

The day finally came. Everyone was happy and joyful but hares ears were down and she sat alone looking at everyone open there amazing gifts  and waiting for the bear to come

Suddenly on the horizon the bear saw the magical lights , his eyes turned as big as  saucers the hares face lit up with joy the friends had returned.

in the glistening sun, the bear went down to meet all of his new friends, finally the hare jumped on the bears back and Christmas  could begin.

give someone a Christmas hat they have never has  before. 

The bear and the hare !

Trees whispered to each other whilst the hare rode on the bear’s back. It was the last day of Autumn, some lucky trees still had leaves to keep them warm. Delicately, a light snowflake fell on the bear’s nose causing him to yawn and want to hibernate. The hare slid off the bear’s back onto the ground.

Whilst the hare jumped around on  the soft white snow, the bare started to get tired. Everyone was decorating the Christmas tree. The snow was getting thicker and thicker.

Abandoned, lonely and upset the hare watched the hare go Into hibernation. Ears back, eyes watering Hare was trying not to cry. She really wanted bear to come back but she knew he wouldn’t.

As days passed, icicles had grown, snow had become thicker and winter had become colder. The bear dreamed of the beautiful day he would wake up and see hare again.

At last Christmas Eve had arrived, the time when sleigh bells ring and Santa comes! The hare quickly ran to deliver a present to the bear. She was still hoping bear would wake up for Christmas.

Hare was watching everyone open their presents while she was sat alone with no presents, thinking about bear. Suddenly Baer walked into the horizon and saw Christmas for the first time. Ears up, eyes twinkling and face lit up, she had gotten her Christmas wish.

In the glistening sunshine hare jumped onto bear’s back, where she belonged. This is how you should spend Christmas. The present Hare had given bear was an alarm clock so he would never miss Christmas again.

The Bear And The Hare

Dancing, the sun gleamed over the autumn leaves, as two friends strolled along the muddy path without a worry in the world. As the Bear reached for a yawn, a pure whit snowflake fell like the wind onto the Bears fluffy white nose. Ears folded, head down: the Hares eyes were filled with tears, she knew it was time for the Bear to hibernate.

Without a second to waste the Hare hopped to an open piece of land and the Bear followed. Suddenly, he saw a tree being decorated. Not knowing what the other woodland creatures were doing the Bear looked at the Hare in confusion.

As the Bear walked off to hibernate, tears ran down the Hares fragile face. She knew the Bear would miss Christmas once more.

As many  days went by the Bear was still sleeping. The nights became mornings and the winter grew colder by the minute. The Hare still caring, she felt he would miss the heart of Christmas and thought she needed to do something about it. She decided to give him a gift, a gift that would make him know what he was missing out on.

As the Hare grew more and more worried that the Baer would still miss Christmas, all of a sudden a light of hope struck her heart. The Bear came walking up over the hill and saw the lit up Christmas tree !

Everybody gathered around the Bear. The Hare jumped the Bears back where she belonged. Now Christmas could finally begin.

A little clock could make a big difference for a Bear this winter.

Bear and the hare

On the last day of autumn the bear and the hare where taking a stroll as the rocks rolled. Running through the rocky forest, the hare was sat on the bears back. As the bear yawned suddenly the first snow flake fell on his nose.

As the bear looked at the hare and then at the tree. The bear walked of with out a care in the world.

The sad hare looked at her friend as he stormed back  to the dark and damp cave to hibernate.

Bear slept for days. as nights flow bye it snowed all day and night. He dreamt about playing with hare.

Hare hoped to the cave as the was going down, it glistened on the lake. She found him asleep and she left his present . Hare hoped through the cold Christmas night.

As she saw them opening presents, her ears were down. The snow flakes danced. suddenly, bear climbed up the snowy hill. He got to the top and saw the tree and his face lit up with joy.

Bear strolled up. Hare jumped on to bear’s back.

As the seconds ticked bye Christmas was a happy time.


As the crudely bear strolled along the beautiful forest with his best friend hare,the danced though the golden leaves.Suddenly The first snow flake fell onto the bear’s wet nose.He yawned as if he was ready for hibernation .The was confused .

The hare was over the top exited for Christmas but the bear was calm and ready to go to sleep.At the top of the hill, they where overlooking the animals put up the Christmas decorations.”How could you be tiered at this time?”thought the hare as she grew sad that her friend wold miss Christmas.

Hare and bare


Desolate the land laid without a spec of life in plain sight. That was until two silhouettes trudged into the ocean of snowy whiteness. the old chocolate brown bear and the aware eagled eyed hare. Exhilarated the hare leaped from the from the bears back and onto the stone cold floor. Whilst hare was growing more and more restless a singular snowflake flew down the sky and perched itself on the bears wet nose causing a chain reaction of yawns from the worn out bear. Hibernation had come.

Fatigued, the chocolate brown bar padded across the snow crunching beneath his feet. tired he could not resist sleep walking back to his home, a cave , and resting his incosciderate head not caring that he left his best friend behind. the hare , who was feeling sorry for himself , stared at his acquaintances working in harmony to build a beautifully decorated tree.

Not excepting he had been beaten hare observed his pal stroll out of his view. In his damp solitary cave bear rested and laid down on his uncomfortable solid stone bed. Softly dreaming of what he could of done, who he could of  helped and last but definitely not least what he should of done with his best friend.

The hare walked across a empty land and came across a moonlit fallen tree pointing in the exact direction of bears lonely damp cave. Carefully and quietly, sneakily and stealthily, the hare left a small gift. It was all he had.

Working in harmony, all the beloved animals shared their gifts to  show their appreciation for each other. staring at all the happiness , the hare wished he could just somehow see his best friend by his side watching the marvel he was. But instead he was just alone. all alone.

Head arising from the illuminated snow, the bear stared at the bright lit tree blazing, burning his eyes. Everybody came over to celebrate the coming of their friend. Foxes, badgers, dears and even hare came over to congratulate him on his coming. Hare ascended on top bear  furry back. He was reunited with his best friend.

Ticking away, surrounded by bright well wrapped patterned wrapping, each second came a  chance to prove himself.

From then on all of the animals were happy, getting gifts for each other and last but definetly not least being happy and with all their friends and pals.

The bear and the hare!

The bear and the hare trotted through the the frosted leafs that sat on the path in the forest. Two friends hugged together without a care in the world. The forest path was as white as clouds that are in the air. As the bear looked up, a little snowflake fell on the bears nose. The bear remembered about his hibernation and then the hares ears fell backwards with sadness.

The hare took the bear for some Christmas decorating with the other animals. The bear was so tired so he went off passing the wooden log that layed across the river. The other animals, that where selfish, opened their presents with joy. Whilst the hare just looked at everyone.

The bear started his hibernation, and the hare started feeling un-loved and abandoned. The bear was still in his hibernation, hours became days, days became weeks as the bear slept dreaming of the day he’d wake up.

The hare jumped up on the log to the bear, so that he could give him his gift. Hoping that he would wake up for Christmas, he put the gift down on the snow so that the bear could open it.

The hare looked at everyone with his ears falling back, as they opened the special gifts that they got from their friends. The hare’s ears lifted up with joy seeing the bear with a big smile on his face.

They all gathered round the bear and the hare jumped up onto the bear’s back. Everybody had fun with Christmas and their presents. Everybody ran around with their friends round the Christmas tree and played especially the hare as the clock was ticking.

Sequel to Alma!

In the old shop, another doll popped out but this time it was a boy in a football kit. In the blink of an eye you could see the boy running down the alleyway with white snow crunching under his feet. He picked  up the chalk and scribbled his name on the black board. He turned around and with a big smile on his face. He saw the doll in window which looked like a terrifying monster. He walked over to the door and pulled it and hoped it would open. With anger, he through a snow ball at the old wooden door. You could hear a huge bang when the snow ball hit the door. He was about to walk away but in the corner of his eye he saw it open…

He walked in, searching around the room, trying to find his doll. In the middle of the room…


Pixels part two

There he was. Scott Pilgrim himself. Lying down on his second hand bed playing on his second hand Xbox with his surprisingly not second hand clothes (they were third hand clothes.) Not knowing what was going to happen next, he felt a small tingle down the back of his thankfully not second-hand hand.

10 seconds later.

He had gone. Vanished from existence. But where was the question…..

100 word challenge

How could something so cute be really violent and be put to sleep if a pit ball was caught fighting or being violent. But if you raised them properly they wouldn’t be violent if raised from a puppy. If you have ever seen  RSPCA animal rescue then you would see how truly violent they are if not raised from a puppy. If a police man saw your dog fighting or being violent you would be taken to court, if you were found guilty for dog fighting you would be put in jail its illegal. Call the police if spotted directly.

how can something so tiny?

The capacity of drives have grown exponentially over time. When hard drive become available for personal computer’s, they offered 5 megabytes capacity. During mid-1990s the typical hard disk drive for PC had a capacity of about 1 gigabyte. As of December 2014, desktop hart disk drives typically had captivity from 500 to 400 gigabytes, while the largest captivity where 8 terabytes. How can something so small hols so much data. Along time ago storage devise’s are huge now there more storage is such small drives. Over the years storage devise’s have got smaller witch people think is imposable witch isn’t witch is surprising for me anyway.

100 word challenge

One night a funny hamster called Hanna decided to go for a night time adventure. She twisted and turned the top of the cage until she was finally free. She jumped onto the soft carpet and ran underneath the sofa. Hanna saw where the door was open so she ran towards it. It was a long and tiring journey up the stairs. At least she made it up. The next mission was to find a warm place to sleep. Luckily she found a nice warm slipper to sleep in. How could an animal so small manage to go so far.




100 word challenge!

How could something so tiny be worth so much. Diamonds are so tiny but they are worth so much and to be able to find them you need to do a lot of work. Diamonds are a rock when you find them and you need to do lots of work to get them to the form you want them to be. They are blue, shiny and magical. You can have them on rings and ear rings and used for lots of different things. Everyone wants them because they are very valuable and worth a lot. Lots of rich people have them. They are awesome!