Hare and bare

Desolate the land laid without a spec of life in plain sight. That was until two silhouettes trudged into the ocean of snowy whiteness. the old chocolate brown bear and the aware eagled eyed hare. Exhilarated the hare leaped from the from the bears back and onto the stone cold floor. Whilst hare was growing more and more restless a singular snowflake flew down the sky and perched itself on the bears wet nose causing a chain reaction of yawns from the worn out bear. Hibernation had come.

Fatigued, the chocolate brown bar padded across the snow crunching beneath his feet. tired he could not resist sleep walking back to his home, a cave , and resting his incosciderate head not caring that he left his best friend behind. the hare , who was feeling sorry for himself , stared at his acquaintances working in harmony to build a beautifully decorated tree.

Not excepting he had been beaten hare observed his pal stroll out of his view. In his damp solitary cave bear rested and laid down on his uncomfortable solid stone bed. Softly dreaming of what he could of done, who he could of  helped and last but definitely not least what he should of done with his best friend.

The hare walked across a empty land and came across a moonlit fallen tree pointing in the exact direction of bears lonely damp cave. Carefully and quietly, sneakily and stealthily, the hare left a small gift. It was all he had.

Working in harmony, all the beloved animals shared their gifts to  show their appreciation for each other. staring at all the happiness , the hare wished he could just somehow see his best friend by his side watching the marvel he was. But instead he was just alone. all alone.

Head arising from the illuminated snow, the bear stared at the bright lit tree blazing, burning his eyes. Everybody came over to celebrate the coming of their friend. Foxes, badgers, dears and even hare came over to congratulate him on his coming. Hare ascended on top bear  furry back. He was reunited with his best friend.

Ticking away, surrounded by bright well wrapped patterned wrapping, each second came a  chance to prove himself.

From then on all of the animals were happy, getting gifts for each other and last but definetly not least being happy and with all their friends and pals.

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